Unique Baby Shower Invitations You Will Like

When organizing a baby shower for sure you are looking for unique baby shower invitations.

There are a lot of different designs to choose from, but the best thing you could do is to put your creativity to work and come up with something new and never seen before invitation.

Unique Baby Shower Invitations

Little peanut and baby shower invitations that are unique

These are relatively simple invitation designs that come with a bold headline. It is best if you have a small picture of a peanut on the invitation. In order to have an elegant result you should use one single color for the entire invitation including the headline and the text.

Pea pun

The best thing about this baby shower invitation that is unique is that the colors that you have to use are perfect for both genders. Naturally you should have a picture of a pea pun and add to the text the name of the mother besides the details of the baby shower.


When looking for unique baby shower invitations consider having three towels on the invitation: his, hers and in the middle another towel with the text ‘Baby’ on it. Beneath this picture have the name of the parents and the details of the date, time and location.


If you happen to be looking for a unique baby shower invitation, think about one of the most specific symptoms of pregnancy: cravings. For a funny twist you can have an ice cream on the invitation with some pickles on it because these are the most common cravings of women.

Messy baby

To make sure that the guests will understand the point of the unique baby shower invitations you may be thinking about having a high chair on the invitation and a messy baby on top of it. There might be some flying spoons and bowls around the baby. The details of the shower should be on the right of the baby.

Game over

In case you are thinking about baby shower invitations that are special for sure you know the picture where there is a man and a woman dressed up like a bride with the text ‘Game Over’. In this case there should be a baby in the belly of the woman with the same text.

Sun and clouds

The unique baby shower invitations should have something that is specific for you. For instance you may have a sun and some clouds on the invitations. There should be baby toys, peacemakers and bottles falling from the clouds like rain. Beneath the picture there should be the details of the shower.

Pregnant and fabulous

The women looking for interesting baby shower invitations could have a pregnant woman on the invitation looking her best and the text ‘Pregnant and Fabulous’. The woman should have a pretty dress and some jewelry to look more feminine.

If you don’t have any ideas for unique baby shower invitations, for sure you will be able to find sources of inspiration.


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