Unique Baby Shower Themes You Can Always Use

One of the most difficult tasks of the person who is organizing the baby shower is to find unique baby shower themes.

The good news is that there are a lot of ideas for you to choose from and with a bit of creativity you can make each of them unique.

Unique Baby Shower Themes

Bird theme for baby shower themes that are unique

The motif of birds is a classic one. The main point of this theme is to have a sophisticated take on this theme. As decorations you could have a bird cage, some nice branches and a few birds cut out of paper. To make the shower even more interesting, find a CD with bird sounds and play it at the shower.


If there is one thing that the new mothers need, it’s diapers. Use this idea when looking for special baby shower themes. For decorations you should have diaper cakes. These are great decorations for the shower and they are useful for the new mother as well.


When looking for unique baby shower themes think about having a shower with celestial themed décor. You may consider special ideas, such as star fruit garnishes, glass star cookies and shimmery papers. For the décor cut moon and star shapes of shimmery card stock.

Sugar and spice

If you are looking for baby shower themes that are special for a little girl think about brown and pink for the color palette, sweet treats and a spice rack centerpiece. For the décor you should have bottles of every spice that you can find in your local store. Make sure that the deserts will be sweet.

Small wonders

Everybody likes small things, so think about this when searching for unique baby shower themes. As decoration you may have small cardboard boxes wrapped in wrapping paper and decorated with a bow. Place these on the tables and build towers of them so that they will have a higher impact.

Tea party

Instead of the regular foods for the interesting baby shower themes you should serve tea with finger sandwiches such as traditional British foods like clotted cream and scones with jam. For the favors consider offering the guests a selection of teas in a nice package.

Sweet peas

If the mother will have more than one baby, then you should consider having green and orange as the color palette and sweet peas as the main theme. For the décor fill a clear glass vase with green jellybeans and add to it orange flowers.

Good fortune

This baby shower theme that is interesting is inspired by the Asian culture. You should have some paper lanterns, special Zen gardens, chai tea, sushi made of baby socks, and some special fortune cookies. For the menu you could be thinking about Chinese takeout.

There are a lot of unique baby shower themes to consider. Make sure that you find one that the new mother will like and that is suitable for her personality.


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