Learn All the Breastfeeding Basics

We all know that breastfeeding is entirely normal, but still there are a lot of women looking for the breastfeeding basics because it may not be as easy as it seems.

While in some cases women know everything by instinct, in other cases women have to learn everything.

Breastfeeding Basics

The right technique and the basics of breastfeeding

A lot of women assume that the right technique is as simple as it seems. Nonetheless, although for the babies breastfeeding comes naturally, the mothers may need some time to get the hang of it. One of the most important things that you will have to learn is the right technique.

In order to help you with the fundamentals of breastfeeding you can turn to doctors, lactation experts, and more experienced moms. You could also look for support at an international support group. If they get some help, the majority of women learn the right technique with time.

Preparing for the breastfeeding basics

Before your baby is born you should think whether you prefer to breastfeed the baby or you would like to opt for bottle feeding. If you choose breastfeeding you should let your doctor and the hospital’s staff know. They will be able to offer you information or to set up a meeting with a lactation specialist.

Start nursing

When thinking about the breastfeeding fundamentals you should know that it is important to start feeding the baby right after he or she is born. This way you will be able to set up a breastfeeding pattern. If you start breastfeeding soon, you have more chances of having a good breastfeeding schedule for your baby which will do wonders for the little one’s development.


When it comes to the breastfeeding basics you should know that it is best to feed the baby whenever he or she needs to be fed. This usually happens between periods of one and a half and three hours. Crying is a sign of hunger, but look for other signs, before the baby starts crying.

Signs of hunger

It is an important foundation of breastfeeding to look for the signs of hunger. These include looking alert, the baby touching his or her mouth with the hands, whimpering, making sucking movements, flexing the hands and arms and nuzzling against the breast.


If you are interested in the breastfeeding basics you should know that if you introduce the bottle or the pacifier, it could interfere with the latch of the baby.  You should wait introducing them until you both get the hang of the breastfeeding routine and you have a good milk supply.

Encouraging the baby

The breastfeeding foundations also include stroking the lower lip or the cheek of the baby to make him or her latch. To be sure that the baby has the correct latch, you should check that both the areola and the nipple are in the mouth of the baby.

Knowing about the breastfeeding basics will help you to feed and soothe your baby in a better way.


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