Breastfeeding Facts You Should Know

If you are interested in the breastfeeding facts you should know that breast milk is the best for a new baby because it comes with antibodies and nutrients not to mention that it has the perfect balance of calories and fat.

Naturally breastfeeding can also be a nice experience for the mother.

Breastfeeding Facts

Breast cancer and the facts about breastfeeding

According to the studies the pre-menopausal women who breastfed the babies have 50% less changes of being affected by breast cancer compared to the women who didn’t nurse. The truth is that the longer women breastfeed, the smaller their chances are of being affected, especially if nursing lasts for more than a year.

Breast size and the amount of milk

When it comes to the truth about breastfeeding you should know that the size of the breasts is determined by the amount of fat tissue that they have. There is no evidence suggesting that the women with smaller breasts have problems with milk production.

The breastfeeding facts include that the milk is produced by the mammary glands that can be found in every woman’s breasts. It doesn’t really matter how big your breasts are, you will be able to offer your baby breast milk anyway.

Protected by the law

If you are thinking about the breastfeeding truth it is good to know that women are allowed to breastfeed anywhere on federal property. In the same time they are protected against being discriminated or fired if they are expressing the need to breastfeed during their breaks.


Keep in mind that the breastfeeding facts don’t necessarily include that breastfeeding is easy. In some cases it comes naturally, but in others it is a real struggle. The women who receive pain medication during childbirth often find starting breastfeeding difficult at the beginning because they are sedated.


It is interesting to know about the breastfeeding information that babies have a strong sense of smell that allows them to bond with their parents. While the babies can smell their mother, they can also sense the smell of breast milk. Just hold the baby to your chest and he or she will be searching for the breast when he or she is hungry.

Sensitive and responsive breasts

The breastfeeding facts also include that when breastfeeding begins your breasts could have an increased size and they can also become more sensitive. If the breasts are stimulated there will be some letdown. In case you don’t breastfeed often enough, the breasts might get swollen.

You are able to produce breast milk

If you are looking for information about breastfeeding you should know that it is uncommon for women not to be able to produce breast milk. However, it is possible. This problem is usually caused by breast trauma, fast weight loss, PCOS, hyperthyroidism, hormonal birth control use, pregnancy or other health issues.

There are so many breastfeeding facts that one may get overwhelmed thinking about them. However you shouldn’t be too worried about it because you will certainly get the hang of it. You will just have to practice a bit.


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