Most Frequent Breastfeeding Problems After 3 Months

Although all mothers know that breastfeeding is the best for their child, when they encounter the breastfeeding problems after 3 months they might consider giving it up. There are several different kinds of problems that women could have.

Breastfeeding Problems After 3 Months


In any cases women notice that their baby starts asking for food more often as the days go by. In some cases the babies can’t stand an hour without eating. Even though this may drive you crazy you should know that this is only a growth spurt and it will be over soon.


Another one of the breastfeeding problems of the first trimester is that the babies, who slept through the night before, wake up to ask for food. Most probably the baby gets a new schedule and he or she wakes up during each night at the exact same time.


When thinking about the breastfeeding problems after 3 months keep in mind that as the babies grow, they get stronger. This means that if until now the little one clenched his or her gums, at this point the baby might start biting. In this case you have to do something to stop him or her.

The latch

By this time the babies usually get the hang of it, but as one of the nursing problems of the first trimester, the baby may simply ‘forget’ the right latch. He or she might hold his or her head too high or too low.  In some cases you will have to distract the little one to get him to latch correctly.

Time frame

Usually the babies eat for the same amount of time. However as one of the breastfeeding problems after 3 months, this can change. It is possible that the baby will be eating for longer or shorter periods of time. Usually the mothers don’t know whether this is a comfort or a hunger thing.


Because of all the problems with breastfeeding after 3 months that have been mentioned before, women might end up with hurting nipples. If your breasts hurt as well, you should think about pumping. Massaging the breasts also helps sometimes.

As you can see there are a lot of breastfeeding problems after 3 months that you could encounter. Remember to stay positive and you can be sure that all problems have a solution and you don’t have to give up breastfeeding.


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