Breastfeeding Tips for Twins

It might be scary to prepare for caring for two babies at once. This is why there are so many mothers looking for breastfeeding tips for twins. The good news is that there are a lot of women who have gone through this and they can offer good advice.

Breastfeeding Tips for Twins

Take a class

Although it sounds strange to take a class in something that should come naturally, it is good to know that these classes can offer you tips on how to manage things better. Usually the hospitals offer classes of this kind and you should know that there might be classes especially for the mothers of twins.

A pillow

In case you are looking for twins’ breastfeeding tips, you should know that there are some special pillows created to make breastfeeding twins easier. They are sturdier and thicker and they can hold both babies at once. The pillow can save you time since it makes it possible to feed both babies in the same time.

The positions

When it comes to the breastfeeding tips for twins, there are two positions that you should know about: the crossover and the football hold. The football hold is a very good one and it needs the legs of the babies to be wrapped around your sides. This is good because when they start kicking, they won’t be able to kick each other.

Switch sides

It is important to know regarding the advice for breastfeeding twins that each baby has a different style for nursing. In order to make sure that you won’t have blocked ducts, you should alternate the sides and the babies. You don’t have to remember every time which baby had which breast; just don’t dedicate only one breast to a baby.

Wake the babies

A lot of women say that it’s not good to wake a baby just to feed him or her. However, the breastfeeding tips for twins tell you to feed the baby who was already awake and then wake the other one as well, even if he or she isn’t really interested in eating.

Support as one of the tricks for breastfeeding twins

Sometimes women tend to ignore this one of the breastfeeding tips for twins, it is important to have someone who motivates you. This could be a lactation consultant, a doula, or a good friend. A lot of people may be discouraging about breastfeeding two babies in the same time.


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