How to Choose Breastfeeding Clothes?

It is important for new mothers to have breastfeeding clothes because these make nursing a lot easier. There are some clothes that offer more privacy to the new mothers. These clothes come in a wide variety; you can find regular clothes, but also swimsuits and cocktail dresses.

Breastfeeding Clothes

Function of the clothes for breastfeeding

As it has been mentioned before, the main point of these clothes is to make nursing easier and more comfortable. For instance if you get nursing bras these will offer you more comfort and you will be able to breastfeed without needing to remove or to shift the bra.


When it comes to clothing for breastfeeding you may also consider the camisoles and tanks that also come with a drop flap. Similarly, the dresses, shirts, swimwear and nightgowns also come with an opening for the baby to have access to the breast and integrated coverage for these openings.

Types of nursing clothes

There are different clothes of this kind that all work for different body types. For instance some of the tops have a big opening at the armhole that is covered by a panel or mock cardigan. These clothes are suitable for the women with twins or for women with larger bust.


There are some other clothes for nursing that have only one larger opening in the middle. Take into consideration that this solution isn’t the most suitable for the fitted clothing. In the same time it makes it difficult for the baby to change sides if he or she has to.


The clothing for nursing comes in numerous different styles. It is possible for the nursing openings to be hidden under tops with an empire waist style or by an inverted pleat. These clothes look more modern and fashionable than the traditional panel fronted dresses and shirts.

It is also possible for the opening of the nursing clothing to be hidden by a wrap style top. Make sure that the style that you choose is advantageous for your body type. While the clothes are supposed to be practical, they should also make you feel good about yourself.


The truth about the size of the breastfeeding dresses is that it is difficult to buy the right size especially if you go shopping even before you give birth. In case of the bras you should be fitted as late in your pregnancy as possible and it is a good idea to go to a lingerie shop that specializes in bra fitting.

The size of the nursing dresses is very important to avoid clogged milk ducts and your breasts should also have adequate support. An option that you have is to get a couple of nursing bras online and once the engorgement is taken care of you could go to a fitting.


Now you know all about breastfeeding clothing and you will know what to keep in mind the next time when you will go shopping for clothes of this kind. Remember that comfort is the most important factor.


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