Learn How to Stop Breast Feeding

The moment comes in the life of every mother when they start thinking about tips to stop breastfeeding. The good news is that you will receive a lot of different advice for this, but you should know that not all of them will work out for you, so you will have to try many tips before you find one that works.

Stop Breast Feeding

Tips for stopping breastfeeding

The first thing that you should think about is to find someone who would take over the nighttime feedings. This is important for the baby to get used to you not being there during the night. After a while the baby will get used to this new routine. In the same time it is possible that he or she will stop waking up during the night.

The second step of the process of discontinuing breastfeeding is to introduce solid foods into the diet of the baby. You should start by offering solid foods once per day. This way the tummy of the little one will be full and most probably you will be able to skip a breastfeeding session.

The next step of breastfeeding discontinuation is to add another meal that contains solids foods to the diet of the little one. In the end the third meal should also be switched for solid foods. This way you can see that the little one will receive all the nutrition that he or she needs and there is no more need for breast milk.


When it comes to lactation suppression most probably the transition won’t be very easy for the baby because you take something from him or her that he or she already got used to. This is why it might be helpful to distract the baby during the feeding sessions with toys or other activities.

Things to avoid when thinking about how to stop breastfeeding

One of the biggest mistakes that women can make is to stop giving the baby breast milk when something major happens in the family life. Remember that the baby is tuned in with the emotions of the mother.

Another thing that you should avoid when giving up breastfeeding is to sit in the spot where you used to nurse. This is because that position triggers the nursing urge of the baby because that one spot is associated with breastfeeding.

If you have to get back to work and the baby needs to go to daycare, you shouldn’t consider weaning. This is because at the beginning the baby will be insecure and if you don’t offer any more breast milk to him or her, the pressure on the little one will be even bigger.

In case the baby has to go to daycare and you are still thinking about stopping nursing, you should do is gradually. At the beginning nurse before and after daycare.

Now you know the way of how to stop breast milk.


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