Usually there is only one part of pregnancy that you might be afraid of: childbirth. There are horror stories regarding the pain, but remember that other women have gone through it as well.

When it comes to labor keep in mind that there is nothing to be afraid of, since there is a team of doctors and nurses who are there to help you, to make sure that everything goes well during delivery. No matter how scary it may sound, delivering the baby isn’t rocket science and this is the time when the instincts kick in so you will know what to do. Before the big day comes you should make sure that you will find out things to know about labor and you should talk about stages of labor with your doctor.

There are some decisions that you have to make regarding childbirth such as whether you would like to have vaginal birth or C section. Both natural birth and caesarian have their advantages. If you go for giving birth the natural way, there are different birthing techniques that you could use, such as hypno birthing or breech presentation. In this case the decision is up to you and nobody else.

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