If you are looking forward to get pregnant, you may get anxious because of all the waiting to find out whether your efforts of getting pregnant were efficient.

The answer is given by the pregnancy tests. In our days there are a lot of manufacturers that offer tests of this kind, and the advantage of such testing for pregnancy is that you could take the test and have the results in the privacy of your own home. It is known that pregnancy is ‘announced’ by the pregnancy hormones and this is why the majority of the tests are based on hCG testing. The good news regarding such tests is that they and be performed quite fast and they offer reliable results.

When it comes to testing for pregnancy, the majority of the tests work in the same way. Naturally you could also be tested by your doctor if you think that this way the results are more reliable, but in this case also most probably you will have a urine pregnancy test. According to certain studies there is another kind of test that is even more accurate, the pregnancy blood test. This works faster because the hormones reach the blood earlier than the urine.

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