Dealing with the Couple Challenging Moments

Pregnant women need complete support and understanding from their partners. A lack of empathy and support could be stressful on the relationship.

If the couple is already going through relationship stress or if the expectant mother is not too happy with her partner, her chances of suffering from depression during the pregnancy become high.

Pregnancy and Relationships

A pregnancy brings in many changes not just within a woman’s body and mind but also within the relationship of the couple. A man tends to think about the added responsibility and the changes that will come with a baby.

He may subconsciously feel that he will lose out to the baby. These factors can lead to withdrawal in men and they may not seem as enthusiastic about the baby.

In most cases, the women take this withdrawal as a sign of rejection and may react negatively to it. Also a woman’s body is going through a lot of changes. She not only gains weight but her breasts and tummy enlarge with time.

Some women may feel it makes them sexier or more desirable and others may feel it is taking away their beauty.

It is equally important for them to know what their partner thinks about these changes. It depends a lot on their partner as to how they perceive themselves.

A supportive and loving partner will give them confidence whereas a distant and non-appreciative partner can give them the pre-baby blues.

It is a fallacy that the arrival of a baby helps to save a relationship. If anything, the stress of a pregnancy and a new baby may prove to be the proverbial last straw and this stress may lead to fractures in the relationship.

Most women experience a fall in their libido, as they may subconsciously fear for their baby and want to protect it from harm. Reduced sex too can lead to more stress in the relationship unless her partner is supportive and understanding.


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