Why Do Women Suffer From Pregnancy Cravings?

Pregnancy cravings are something that most women suffer from at some point during the nine months. Some will just craving normal foods, like cheeseburgers or fries, and others will crave weird combinations, like pickles dipped in milkshake.

However, there are some cravings to look out for, such as wanting dirt or sand; these are experienced but are dangerous.

Why do women suffer from pregnancy cravings

This is something that scientist are still trying to work out. It is mostly down to hormones but another reason is often due to the body’s need for a certain nutrient.Pregnancy Cravings

However, no research has backed any of these up yet. There are no explanations as to why some expectant moms start having a pregnancy craving for non-foods.

It is important to think about what you seem to be craving during your pregnancy. If your body is telling you it wants meat, even if you are a vegetarian, it is worth listening to it. There are chances that you are missing some of the nutrients from it, especially iron.

When do pregnancy cravings start?

There is no set time for a mom-to-be to start craving some foods more than others; they can be the first symptom or they can become more prominent during the second or even third trimester.

However, most moms will notice that the cravings start at some point during the first few weeks. This is how some second-time moms will actually know that they are pregnant – because they will have the same pregnancy craving they did the first time.

What pregnancy cravings do women have?

The truth is that anything and everything can be craved for. There is no right or wrong answer for this because so many pregnancies and women are different. However, the most common pregnancy cravings are pickles, meat and spicy food, among a few others.

There are also some women who will not crave food, as mentioned above. They will want non-food items, such as sponges or dirt. It is very important not to act on these cravings and to speak to your doctor immediately.

Other women will not want to eat anything; their cravings are smells. This doesn’t need to be the smell of certain types of food, either. There are some women who will need the smell of petrol while they are pregnant; jut be careful on how much you act on this since the fumes are dangerous.

Is it safe to act on pregnancy cravings?

Depending on what these are, it can be safe to act on a pregnancy craving that you have. However, you will also need to consider your diet when you do. If you are craving chocolate a lot, then you need to avoid too much and remember to get the healthy foods in there too.

You do not need to eat any extra calories in the first six months of pregnancy – so you cannot use that as an excuse – and will only need around an extra 200 during the final three months. You should aim for these to be as healthy as possible so that your baby gets all the nutrients that it needs.


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