The Evolution of Hormones During Pregnancy

There are a lot of things that make the life of pregnant women more difficult and some of them are hormones during pregnancy. People blame them for having mood swings, cravings, and even for crying during pregnancy. No matter what they make you do, for sure you (and your partner) get annoyed after a while.

Who is the enemy?

Hormones are known to be chemical substances that travel through the blood stream to the entire body. These stimulate the different organs as the pregnancy hormones are vital during this period. As an example, there is the human chorionic gonadotropin that makes the ovaries produce more progesterone, making your periods stop.

Hormones During PregnancyProgesterone

This is one of the pregnancy hormones and it is produced by the ovaries and in the placenta during pregnancy. You should know about it that it affects everything related to being pregnant, such as relaxing the muscles and this way preventing miscarriage.


This is another one of the hormones during pregnancy. Just as in the previous case, this is also normally produced by the ovaries, but later this role is overtaken by the placenta. This hormone strengthens and prepares the womb for the presence of the fertilized egg. Also it prepares the breasts for the production of milk.


This is one of the pregnancy hormones that are used only at the end of pregnancy. It is responsible for triggering the contractions during labor and it also stimulates the milk production in the breasts.


It is said that chocolate supports the production of these hormones during pregnancy. They are also known as the ‘happy hormones’, helping women to deal with pain and stress.


This pregnancy hormone has the role to preparing child birth, softening the tissues and ligaments in order to make the pelvic joints and the lower back flexible to make childbirth easier.


It is normal to see pregnant women cry, and this is one of the side effects of hormones during pregnancy. Actually it is caused by the extra estrogen, but it could also be caused by the fact that women tend to be a bit uptight in this period. Women have to start dominating their lives, especially in case they are suffering from antenatal depression which is common in case you had problems with your pregnancy before.

If you are feeling blue for more than a day or two, then you may have to face something more serious than just the effects of pregnancy hormones.

Feeling grumpy

You may think that it is legit to snap at your partner for little things he had done, but you should also know that usually it’s not his, but the hormones’ fault. Although they could make you grumpy, you have the power to overcome their effects and just be nicer.

As you might see, there are a lot of things that the hormones during pregnancy can be held accountant for, but in many cases you also have the possibility to do something about them.


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