Forgetting Things? It’s Not The Pregnancy, Say Experts

Pregnancy and motherhood bring about a lot of changes for a woman, but apparently forgetfulness is not among them, according to this report.

Researchers have now clarified that it isn’t ‘baby brain’ or pregnancy that causes women to feel a little foggy and find concentration difficult.

According to one of the researchers it could be due to the many pregnancy manuals and books that tell a woman to expect to feel some memory and cognition problems during pregnancy.

Rather this phenomenon is explained as being a ‘shift of focus’ where in pregnant women shift focus towards the impending birth and away from work related matters. The fact that pregnant women are more tired and easily fatigued could be a contributing factor; which impacts the ability to concentrate. So it all may be due not so much to “baby brain,” as “baby on the brain!”

There are many women however who will swear to the fact that pregnancy did indeed affect their brain and Carol Vorderman here make a very good case made for ‘Mumnesia’. Yet another one swears to being a ‘Preghead’ and questions the researcher’s assertions that no such thing as a ‘Nappy Brain’.

So, if, when pregnant, you find your mind addled enough to put your iron in the fridge or if the fresh carton of eggs ends up in the garbage while a frantic hunt for them is on, then you are in good company. Regardless of the reasons that may be propounded for it, many pregnant women do experience some amount of forgetfulness.


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