The Major Physiological Changes During Pregnancy

Before you get pregnant you should prepare to see all the physiological changes during pregnancy. This will be visible from head to toe.

Physiological changes in your breasts while being pregnant

You might know that after getting pregnant you will have enlarged breasts and they will become tender. As the pregnancy goes on, they will prepare for breastfeeding and they will progressively get bigger.

Physiological Changes During PregnancyAnother one of the physical changes while being pregnant is that at some point it may even leak some kind of fluid called colostrum. It is important to wear a bra that is comfortable for you and that offers you the support that you are looking for.

Your partner also has to deal with physical changes while being pregnant and in case you feel pain ask him not to touch them.


It is important to know that during pregnancy you may have 60% more blood and this could lead to running nose and congestion. As a solution you could be using saline spray, a neti pot or different devices that you can find in drug stores.

Frequent urination

This is also one of the common physical changes during pregnancy. In case you have to make more often visits to the toilet, you don’t have to be scared. This is because of the growing size of the fetus, which is putting more pressure on the bladder. Also as it has been mentioned before there is a higher amount of blood that is putting more pressure on the kidneys.

Mouth and tooth

Although the majority of people don’t think about these physical changes while being pregnant, you have to think about them as well. During the development of the baby there is more need for calcium and in case this isn’t offered by nutrition, it will be taken from you. Also it is common to experience that your gums tend to bleed easily, and this is caused by the hormones that you have.

At the beginning of the pregnancy get these physical changes during pregnancy checked out and take good care of your mouth while expecting.


During pregnancy there are some changes in the joints and ligaments because the body has to make space for the baby. This can cause discomfort, especially in the abdominal area. You might also have some physical changes while being pregnant in your hands and feet because of the compression of the nerves. Also keep in mind that in this period ligaments are weaker and so women are more prone to injuries.

Shortness of breath

This is one of the physical changes during pregnancy that you have to be prepared for. It is just like you simply cannot get enough air. This is caused by the fact that the baby is pushing against your diaphragm. In case you experience something of the sort, try to find a position that allows you to breathe normally.

Indigestion and constipation

This is one of those physiological changes during pregnancy that are caused by the little space inside. The uterus is pressing against the stomach so the stomach is under a lot of pressure.


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