101 About Mood Swings During Pregnancy

One of the first symptoms of pregnancy that many women experience is mood swings. Mood swings occur when one feels elated and on top of the world one moment and then down in the dumps the next.

Forgetting things, foggy thinking or what is known as baby brain, getting inexplicably irritated at innocuous occurrences and so on is something else that is of a piece with mood swings during pregnancy.

Who gets mood swings during pregnancy?

Pregnancy Mood SwingsWhile some women seem not to experience any mood swings in pregnancy, others experience them quite acutely.

It has been seen that women who experience symptoms of PMS (premenstrual stress) may also experience pregnancy mood swings more than others who don’t have PMS in the regular course.

Even women who are elated at their pregnancy may find themselves having mixed feelings about the imminent arrival of the baby, this is not unusual; and these mood swings may be experienced by any woman when she is pregnant.

When do mood swings occur?

Mood swings may occur throughout pregnancy, however in most cases they occur during the early part of the pregnancy when there is a sudden, sharp change in hormones in the body.

Mood swings also tend to occur during the last stages of the pregnancy as the woman prepares herself physically and mentally for childbirth.

How can mood swings during pregnancy be managed?

Firstly it is important not to take on too much when you’re pregnant. There is much that is going on inside your body so take care of it and yourself – get a little bit of pampering for yourself and when someone offers help, don’t be shy of taking it. Communicate with your partner and explain the reason for your recent inconsistent behavior.

Spend time together; that itself may be enough to calm your mood swings. Exercising is good for a number of reasons during pregnancy and it could also help combat mood swings. And don’t let the stress of pregnancy and any nervousness you may have about childbirth lay you low –remember also to enjoy your pregnancy!

Are mood swings during pregnancy dangerous?

Mood swings, as such may be nothing to worry about, but sometimes they may progress to depression – there may be sleep disturbances, a lack of interest in things; even food, relationship problems and so. In such cases, or if the mood swings are persistent and last beyond a couple of weeks, it is important to speak to a doctor lest the problem escalate.


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