Orgasm During Pregnancy

While sexual intercourse during pregnancy can be a sensitive subject, the topic of orgasm during pregnancy is probably even more controversial.

For the most part, having an orgasm during one’s pregnancy is quite safe; it is also the opinion of some experts that it may actually be beneficial.

Some women experience orgasm for the first time during pregnancy, due to the increase in sensitivity and enlargement of the genital area. For many others the orgasm is likely to be more intense and pleasurable than ever before.pregnancy

Since the orgasm causes the uterus to contract, generally speaking, as the uterus grows bigger with the baby, the more intense and bigger is the orgasm experienced.

The reason why some experts opine that an orgasm is good for the mother and baby is that it gives the mother obvious sexual satisfaction, but it also causes more blood to flow to the uterus, bringing more nutrient rich blood to the baby for its nourishment.

Orgasms during pregnancy should be avoided if a woman has any of the following problems:

  • problems with preterm labor
  • an incompetent cervix,
  • placenta previa,
  • if the contractions lasts beyond intercourse and for a considerable amount of time thereafter.


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