Cramping During Early Pregnancy – What Is Normal?

A lot of women get concerned in case they experience cramping during early pregnancy. Although some of the women are afraid that this means that they are going to lose the baby, in the majority of the cases these cramps are absolutely normal.

Implantation and early pregnancy cramping

In the early pregnancy months, it is common to experience cramping of this kind, and often it is also accompanied by some vaginal bleeding. This is caused by the fact that the fertilized egg gets attached to the lining of the uterus. While some women feel the pain soon after they ovulate, other women might not feel it at all.

Cramping During Early PregnancyThe early pregnancy cramping could go on for some time because the uterus is preparing to carry the baby for the following period. Don’t forget that the uterus needs to expand to make room for the baby, and this could cause pain. If you think that the cramps aren’t normal, you should talk to your doctor.

Round ligament pain

If the cramping during early pregnancy persists, it becomes something known as round ligament pain. They could be present in different ways and you could experience it when you make a movement. The cramping is caused by the muscles that need to expand in order to be able to support your growing belly.

Don’t forget that early pregnancy cramping is something normal, and in the majority of the cases it is caused by round ligament pain. It is true that sometimes the whole situation could get a bit scary, but usually there is nothing to be worried about. You should ask your doctor regarding this matter.

Cramping During Early Pregnancy – When to get worried?

As it has been mentioned, it is common to experience cramping during early pregnancy and this shouldn’t be something alarming. Even more, you should think of it as a sign that your body is preparing for the pregnancy and for the growth of the baby. Nonetheless, if you think that there is something wrong, call your doctor or health care provider.


In case you have been trying to get pregnant and you experience early pregnancy cramping, then it means that finally you managed to conceive. You should also compare your other symptoms with the typical pregnancy symptoms to make sure of the diagnosis. You could also get a home pregnancy test.

If you experience cramping during early pregnancy then you could take a home pregnancy test about a week before your next period should start. If you don’t feel comfortable buying a test of this kind, then you should use the calendar to find out when you last ovulated. This way you will have some more information regarding your chances of being pregnant.

You may know that the early pregnancy cramping could be somewhat alarming because some of the women think that they may be facing a miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy, but usually this isn’t the case. Just try to enjoy your pregnancy, even if you have to be suffering from cramping during early pregnancy.


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