How to Deal with Early Pregnancy Cramps?

A lot of women get concerned in case they experience early pregnancy cramps.

Although in some cases these might mean that there is something with their pregnancy, in the majority of the cases the cramps that they experience are absolutely normal and there is nothing wrong with the baby.

Implantation cramping and cramps during the early pregnancy

At the early stages, it is possible to be faced with implantation cramping and also some bleeding associated to it. This happens because the fertilized egg gets implanted into the soft tissue of the uterus. While some women could experience it about a week after ovulation, it is also possible not to feel any cramping at all.

Early Pregnancy CrampsThe cramps during the early pregnancy could go on during the later pregnancies as well, because your uterus is getting ready to nourish the little one. Don’t forget that normally the uterus is a small organ, and it needs to expand during the pregnancy. If you think that the cramping isn’t normal, you should talk to your doctor.

Round ligament pain

In case you experience the same early pregnancy cramps at the later stages as well, it is known as round ligament pain. Such cramps could be achy and dull. Also you could feel a sharp pain when you change positions. The cramping is caused by the fact that the muscles under your belly have to grow and expand to support it.

This is the most common kind of cramps during early pregnancy that women have to go through, and although it may get annoying after a while you should remember that it is normal because it is caused by the changes that your body has to go through.

Should you worry about early pregnancy cramps?

Such cramping is nothing that you should be worried about. Even more, think about the fact that in case you experience it, your body is normally preparing for the growth of the baby. Naturally this is the case of the minor cramping. Nonetheless, as it has been mentioned before, if you feel like something is out of place, you should contact your doctor.

Cramps during early pregnancy and getting pregnant

In case you have been trying to conceive, then having cramps is good news for you. In this case you should also take a look at some other pregnancy signs and compare them to your symptoms. Also this may be the time to take a home pregnancy test. This way you won’t have to wait to see whether you have a missed period.

If you have early pregnancy cramps, and you don’t feel comfortable getting a pregnancy test, you could also calculate when you ovulated and this may give you some information as well whether you got pregnant or whether the cramps are caused by something else.

As you can see, getting affected by cramps during early pregnancy doesn’t mean that there is something wrong. Even more, you should think of early pregnancy cramps as an indicator that everything is fine.


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