Eliminating Pesky Hair Growth During Pregnancy

It is common for women who are pregnant to begin growing excess hair. This hair may appear on your stomach, face or even your hands.

At a time when you feel the most feminine, you may feel that your manly side is showing a little too much.

Excess hair growth usually begins during the first trimester of pregnancy. At this time, the body is producing large amounts of pregnancy hormones which can cause hair to grow faster, and longer than normal.

While these hormone levels will return to normal levels later in your pregnancy, the hair may remain for the entire time.hair growth

Excessive Hair Growth Is Temporary

While it may seem that the hair is becoming thicker, and staying for a long time, the truth is excess hair that grows during pregnancy is temporary. Luckily, the excessive hair will usually fall out after your new baby is born.

However, it may take up to six weeks after giving birth for the hair to start thinning and going away [Thinning Hair] . If you do not see a reduction in hair after six weeks you may want to speak with your doctor, and see why your hormone levels are not decreasing.

On the other hand, you will also need to be patient. The hair didn’t grow in a day, and it is not going to fall out in one day. If you are not willing to wait for the hair to fall out, there are ways that you can remove the hair while you are pregnant.

Safe Hair Removal Techniques

The safest options for removing excess hair during pregnancy are waxing and shaving. There are no side effects to either procedure, and no harmful chemicals for you and your baby to breathe. However, both procedures can become very difficult towards the end of your pregnancy.

After all, when you can’t even see your legs it is a little hard to shave or wax them. You may need to enlist the help of your partner, or go to a salon for professional hair removal. Many salons can complete the shaving or waxing procedure for you.

The only type of waxing you will want to avoid is waxing your stomach during the last trimester of pregnancy.

While waxing during this time is not dangerous, it will be very uncomfortable and possibly painful when your stomach is stretched so tight.

Hair Removal Techniques to Avoid

It is recommended by most doctors that powerful hair removal creams and electrolysis should be avoided during pregnancy. While there have been no studies to prove that either of these hair removal methods are unsafe, there have also not been any tests proving how safe the procedures are.

Until tests are conducted, proving that these hair removal processes are safe, it is best that you avoid them.

After all, the fumes in hair removal creams are often stronger than those found in paint, or other chemicals that should be avoided during pregnancy. In addition, there is no proof that electrical currents would not prove harmful for a still forming heart and body.


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