The Causes of Itching During Pregnancy

Although it is everything but comfortable, it is common to experience itching during pregnancy. This usually occurs in case of the belly or the breasts and it is caused by the stretching of the skin.

In the same time the culprits are also the pregnancy hormones that are causing different kinds of changes in the body.

Is it normal to experience pregnancy itching?

In some cases the pregnant women see that the soles of their feet or their palms are red and they could also be itching. This is also a common problem and it is caused by an increase of the estrogen levels. If this is the case then the itching when being pregnant goes away after you give birth.

Itching During PregnancyIn case there have been some things that made you itchy before you got pregnant, they get even worse during that period such as eczema, dry skin or food allergies.

Also there are some conditions that cause itching while being pregnant.

Itching During Pregnancy – How to get rid of the feeling?

In order to improve your condition, there are some things that you could do, such as avoiding hot baths and showers because they could make the itching if you are pregnant even worse.

Make sure that you are using a mild soap and ensure that there is no soap residue left on your skin before you get out of the bath. In case you are using a moisturizer, it should have no scent.

You should pamper yourself from time to time to make the itching during pregnancy better. Try having an oatmeal bath sometimes.

Also opt for clothing that isn’t too tight and try not to spend too much time outside in the summer because the heat could make the itching worse.

Itchy bumps

When thinking about itchy pregnancy bumps you should know that only about 1% of women develop them and they are caused by an eruption of pregnancy.

In the majority of the cases it appears during the third trimester and usually it affects women who have their first pregnancy or those who will have twins.

These pregnancy bumps that are itchy start at the abdomen where the stretch marks can be found and they could spread all the way to the buttocks, thighs and arms. Although it represents no danger to the baby, the condition could be quite annoying.

Most probably you will see a doctor regarding the itching sensation of pregnancy and then you will receive some kind of ointment to make it better. It is also possible that he or she will suggest some antihistamine. If the condition is severe, then you could also get steroids.

Normally the itching feeling while being pregnant disappears a few days after delivery. Nonetheless in some cases it could last for weeks. Luckily, during the next pregnancies you won’t be affected by it.

There is a lot to know about itching during pregnancy and the good thing is that whatever is causing it, there are some ways to make it better.


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