How to Deal with Physical Changes During Pregnancy

Being pregnant is one of the major changes of life and also there are some physical changes during pregnancy. You might have heard about their majority before.

Lack of comfort as one of the major physical changes while being pregnant

Every woman knows that pregnancy means having pain in the back, abdomen, pelvic area and sometimes even in the feet. In order to make things better you should lay down a bit, have some rest and sometimes it also helps to apply heat. In case the pain doesn’t get better, you may want to visit your doctor.

Physical Changes During PregnancyThe breasts’ tenderness and the beginning of lactation

One of the most well-known physical changes while being pregnant is to have larger breasts and also to feel them tender. Their size increases because they are preparing for breastfeeding.

The colostrum will start to leak by the end of the third trimester. This is the pre-birth milk that later will be used for the first breastfeeding sessions.

To take care of these physical changes during pregnancy, you should get a bra that offers you support, and in case of leakage also add some pads that would absorb it. Contact your doctor regarding the physical changes during pregnancy in case you feel a lump or a change in the nipple or if there is a discharge that is not colostrum.

Being dizzy and losing balance

A lot of women complain about feeling dizzy, but fainting rarely occurs. Numerous things could cause these symptoms, such as the growth of blood vessels and also the need for food could cause dizziness. If you have such physical changes while being pregnant, you should stand up slowly and you shouldn’t be standing for a long period of time. It is important to have a healthy nutrition and you shouldn’t skip the meals. When you lie down, you should be on your left side and don’t wear clothing that is too tight.

Sleeping disorders

Although you might feel fatigue, it is possible that you still won’t be able to get a good night’s sleep. The truth is that there isn’t much to do in order to make things better, but you could try sleeping on your left side. The pillows that you are using could also help you a lot with the physical changes during pregnancy and you should consider getting a pregnancy pillow. There are some good sleep habits you should get used to, like going to bed and waking up around the same hour.

If you feel like you can’t get enough sleep being while being pregnant, try going to bed a little earlier. It is also useful to have some naps during the day. In order not to have to go to the toilet during the night, reduce the amount of water that you drink before bedtime.

Heartburn and other stomach issue

Digestion is slower and this is one of the physical changes while being pregnant that is causing the heartburns. In order to avoid them try having several smaller meals instead of larger meals. These are the physical changes during pregnancy that you could experience. The important thing is to treat them with care.


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