Physical Changes That You Will Not Be Able To Hide During Pregnancy

Change is a natural thing when you are a woman who is pregnant. Your body will start to show signs of you being pregnant, in the early stages of pregnancy.

You may have a rosy glow that a lot of women get, when they are pregnant, and your family and friends may start to notice this.

Family and friends, who are always around you, may notice these subtle changes faster than you do. Sometimes it will be hard for you to see the changes that they see in you.

Do not worry though; physical changes that you will go through during your pregnancy will disappear after the baby is born.physical changes

Dealing with Morning Sickness

One physical change that will happen to your body, that is not very much fun, is morning sickness. Morning sickness will make you feel nauseated, and sometimes you will have to throw up.

This is a time when you may feel really ill, and cannot hold any type of food down. Severity of morning sickness will depend upon your family history, and if you are having more than one baby. They call it morning sickness, but it can actually occur at any time during the day.

Usually it will only last for a few months, and then it will subside for the rest of your pregnancy.

Changes in Your Abdomen

Even though you will love your baby a great deal, you may not be looking forward to the size of your abdomen changing.

When you become pregnant your abdomen will begin to stretch out slowly, and by the time you reach your ninth month, you may feel like your abdomen is as big as a huge bowling ball.

Another physical problem that may show up with your abdomen stretching is stretch marks. These marks are self explanatory since they are marks from your abdomen stretching to accommodate your baby.

Treating these stretch marks with certain lotions and creams, could help you to prevent them from remaining on your abdomen.

Feeling Fatigued

When you are pregnant, you will have times when you are feeling very energetic, but these times may be few and far between. Pregnancy can make you feel tired all of the time.

You may feel like you need a lot of sleep. Walking across the room could make you get out of breath. You are carrying extra weight now, and this will affect how tired you get.

Swelling and Weight Gain

At times you will feel your feet and hands swell, and wonder if your body will ever go back to normal. This is not uncommon among pregnant women.

You also will gain weight while you are pregnant, so that your baby will be able to get the vitamins and minerals that they need to grow. Your physician will be able to tell you how many pounds are safe, for you to gain. [pregnancy weight gain]

All the physical changes, that your body will have to go through during pregnancy, will be well worth it, when you hold your beautiful baby in your arms, for the first time.


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