Pregnancy Side Effects You Would Not Necessarily Expect

Although pregnancy is a beautiful period of a woman’s life, the pregnancy side effects could turn out to be bothersome and sometimes even annoying. The best thing you can do is to learn more information about these side effects to prepare for them and also to find ways to cope with them.

Pregnancy Side Effects

Vaginal discharge as one of the side effects of pregnancy

If you think there is more vaginal discharge you can be sure that it’s not just in your head. Most probably you are faced with leucorrhea. This is colorless and odorless vaginal discharge that you can find sometimes in your underwear. It is the same thing as you noticed before you got pregnant, but now there is more of it.

Bloating and gas

During pregnancy it is quite common that women have to unbutton their pants because of bloating, that is one of the symptoms of pregnancy. Gas is also common and in both cases progesterone is to blame. This relaxes the muscles in your body along with the muscles of your gastrointestinal tract.

Bleeding gums

When it comes to pregnancy side effects it is common to notice swollen and bleeding gums when you brush your teeth or when you floss. This is another sign that is caused by high levels of progesterone. As a result there is a higher blood flow in your mouth. It is known as pregnancy gingivitis.


If it makes you feel any better, constipation is the pregnancy symptom that the majority of pregnant women experience. Again, one of the culprits is progesterone. This hormone slows down the movement of the food in the digestive tract. The growing uterus also has a role to play, putting pressure on the rectum.


Believe it or not, one of the pregnancy side effects is excessive salivation. Women find that they are salivating more especially when they are affected by nausea. In some cases women have so much saliva that they have to spit in order to deal with it.


These are in fact varicose veins or blood vessels that become swollen in the rectal area. As a result of this sign of pregnancy women can experience itchiness or even pain in this area and the hemorrhoids can end up bleeding especially during bowel movements.

Itchy skin

It is quite common to experience itchiness as one of the pregnancy side effects. This is caused by the fact that the skin needs to stretch in order to accommodate the baby. As a result there will be stretch marks appearing on your skin. You might also be affected by food allergies, eczema and dry skin.


Just as in case of the mouth, the blood vessels of the nose could also expand, making it more likely to experience nosebleeds as one of the pregnancy signs. There is a lot of pressure on these delicate vessels.


The body of the pregnant women retains water and as a result it is common to see swelling as one of the pregnancy side effects.


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