8 Tips to Deal with Tiredness During Pregnancy

Tiredness during pregnancy is most common during the first trimester when major hormonal changes are ongoing within the body and the body is gearing up to nurture a baby and carry it to term.

Also in the third trimester, the weight and size of the baby, physical discomforts and mental anxieties could result in fatigue.

Here are some tips to help deal with tiredness during pregnancy –

Tiredness During Pregnancy

1. Take it easy. It may be stating the obvious but with such enormous changes going on inside the body, it is important not to try and do it all and to do less for the time being.

If possible get others in the house to pitch in with the chores, at work, try and take on less, and at work, delegate if at all possible.

Go to bed early, the extra couple of hours of sleep at night may be all that you need!

2.  Take naps. When you feel the tiredness coming on, take a short nap – even 15 minutes of shut eye will help greatly so that you wake up refreshed and energized.

Make time for a short power nap even if you work outside the home. Coworkers will understand and may be surprisingly supportive of women trying to deal with tiredness in pregnancy.

3. Eat healthy. This is not just for the good health of you and your baby; eating healthy also means that you will have greater reserves of energy. While junk food may give you a rush of energy to begin with, it will soon leave you drained of energy and tired.

However healthier foods will offer sustained release of energy through the day and will help combat tiredness during pregnancy. Also rather than eating three big meals have six smaller ones.

Eating large meals tends to make one feel sleepy and may also contribute to nausea and acidity; which may be contributing to poor quality of rest for the mum to be.

4. Make sure you rest well at night. Consider getting a pregnancy pillow to offer full body support so that quality of sleep at night is enhanced and more restful so that a woman is better charged for the day ahead.

5. Reduce stress from your life; this can be a very significant contributor to tiredness. Learn relaxation techniques to reduce stress and get a better night’s sleep. Yoga, stretching exercises, meditation, massage (which is appropriate for pregnancy) and so on can help with relaxation and improve overall wellbeing.

6. Drink plenty of water. Many women find that a lot of tiredness in pregnancy stems from simple dehydration and a glass of delicious chilled water may be just the pick me up a woman needs to combat tiredness.

7. Exercise regularly. It may sound counterproductive to exercise when feeling tired, but exercise will actually up your metabolism and give you more energy. It will also help in getting better quality rest at night.

8. Make adjustments to your social life. Rather than go out in the evenings, do lunch or fix engagements only for the weekend and so on. Getting to bed early can go a long way to countering tiredness during pregnancy.


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