9 Effective Ways to Spot a New Mom

It may be hard to spot a new mom from a distance especially when she doesn’t have a baby with her or is carrying a baby stroller. But if you look closely and observe carefully, you will be able to tell if a lady is a new mom. You can become an expert at mom and new mom spotting if you keep in mind certain things. The following are the 10 most effective ways of spotting a new mom:

ways to spot a new mom1. There is a certain wetness on her leg

It is the thigh that usually gets wet when a woman is taking care of a baby. If you spot certain wetness on the leg of a woman, then this could be a clear sign of her being a mom or a new mom. Infact, if you see other kinds of stains on the leg area or on the sleeve of the shirt, then this could too be a sign.

2. Dehydrated skin

Breastfeeding women often tend to have dehydrated skin condition. Not only the breastfeeding but also caring for the baby day and night can steal the moisture away from the skin. So dehydrated skin is yet another clue to a new mom.

3. Make up done in a hurry

If you look closely and see that the makeup isn’t don’t that precisely, then this too may mean that a female has been busy taking care of an infant at home and is a new mom.

4. No pedicure

If you look closely at the feet of the female and see that she has chipped nail paint or unkept nails, then this too is a clear indication that she has been busy caring for a baby and hasn’t got the time to get a pedicure done. No pedicure is definitely a great way to identify a new mom.

5. Wearing the same jeans

With a baby around and especially a new one, who has time to worry about changing jeans? Well a new mom can be easy to spot if she has been wearing the same jeans from the past 3-4 days.

6. She’s laughing, rather unusually

If she has been laughing and more freely than ever then chances are that she is a little too happy to have run away from a baby at home and is enjoying her little break outside the house.

7. Suddenly her mood changes

She may be laughing initially but soon starts worrying and fidgeting. This may be because of the guilt of leaving behind a baby at home or worrying about him/her. This is a clear indication of a new mom who is not used to leaving behind her infant in the care of someone else.

8. She’s missing one earring

If she is missing one earring or has mismatched jewelry or accessories, then you can totally tell that she is a new mom.

9. Unkept hair

If she has unkept hair and one that look a slight bit dirty, then this too may be a sign that she has just delivered a baby.



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