Knowing What to Expect in the First Trimester

No matter how well you prepare for pregnancy, you may still be asking what to expect in the first trimester.

Keep in mind that these changes occur so that your body will nourish the baby and it will support his or her development.

If you know what to expect you can distinguish the symptoms and the worrisome signs.

Information on changes in the first trimester

The most important aspect to remember is that pregnancy is different in case of every woman. Some of them are healthy and joyful while others could feel really miserable.This is why it is important for you to prepare for both case scenarios and to think about the fact that the situation doesn’t last forever.

What to Expect in the First TrimesterBleeding

One of the possibly scaring changes in the first trimester is to see some vaginal bleeding.

Nonetheless you shouldn’t worry about it because about 25% of pregnant women experience some bleeding sooner or later.

At the early stages the bleeding could mean that the embryo has implanted into the uterus.

Still when asking what to expect in the first trimester, if you experience some cramping, heavy bleeding or sharp pain, you should call your doctor as soon as you can.

This is because they could be signs of an ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage.

Breast tenderness

One of the earliest changes in the first trimester is having sore and tender breasts. These occur because of the hormonal changes that prepare the milk ducts to produce milk on which the baby will feed on. You could get more comfortable if you get a support bra or if you go up one size.


When asking what to expect in the first trimester you also have to consider constipation. This is because the muscles that make food go through the digestive tract slow down as a result of the pregnancy hormone progesterone. Besides this you also get more iron that makes the situation worse.

These changes in the first trimester could also be accompanied by gas and bloating. To make you feel better you should have more fiber and make sure that you are well hydrated.

Another thing you could do is to do some light exercises during the day. You could use a laxative too.

Vaginal discharge

In case you are asking what to expect in the first trimester keep in mind that it is common to have some white and milky discharge during this period. Try wearing a panty liner to make you feel better but don’t use a tampon because it could transport germs into the vagina.

Regarding these changes in the first trimester remember that the discharge shouldn’t have a foul smell and it shouldn’t be green or yellow either. Also if there is a lot of clear discharge, make sure that you talk to the doctor because these could indicate that there is something wrong.


If you would like to know what to expect in the first trimester, consider fatigue too. This is because it takes a lot of hard work from the body to nourish the baby and this consumes a lot of energy. Because of this you should relax and rest any time you can and ensure that you get enough iron.

Food aversions and cravings

Maybe this is one of the most well known changes in the first trimester. About 60% of women have food aversions during their pregnancy and half of them also experience food cravings. However, try to stick to healthy foods.

Now you know what to expect in the first trimester and what are the things you should prepare for in time.


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