The Main Reasons for Dizziness During Pregnancy

For sure you know all about the symptoms of pregnancy, and so you may expect to experience some dizziness during pregnancy. This is normal taking into consideration that your entire body is changing and the pregnancy affects more than just your belly and waistline.

Is it normal to experience pregnancy dizziness?

There are a lot of changes going on regarding your cardiovascular system when you are pregnant. The heart is needed to pump more blood than before so your heart rate goes up. All this happens because there is more blood in your system since you are already producing blood for the baby as well.

Dizziness During PregnancyIn case you have a normal pregnancy, it is alright to be thinking about pregnancy dizziness and you should also know that your blood pressure starts to decrease at the beginning of the pregnancy, and after you get to the middle of it, it starts rising again, getting back to normal by the time of delivery.

In the majority of the cases the dizziness during pregnancy can be avoided if the nervous and the circulatory system are able to adjust to the new situation, but in case this doesn’t happen, you may feel the dizziness or you could get lightheaded. It is not normal to faint, so if this happens, you should see a doctor.

What is the cause and what can you do?

No matter what causes the pregnancy dizziness, as soon as you feel it, you should lie down. This way you won’t hurt yourself if you faint. If this is not possible, you should place your head between your knees until the sensation goes away. If you are doing something that could be dangerous, such as driving, you should stop immediately.

When being faced with dizziness during pregnancy, the best thing you could do is to lie on your left side because this way the blood flow to your heart gets maximized. As a result the brain will get more blood as well and you can avoid fainting, bringing things back to normal.

Standing up too fast

This is one of the most common causes of pregnancy dizziness. It happens because while you are sitting the blood gets into the lower extremities. If you stand up quickly, there won’t be enough blood at your heart and you will experience a fast drop in your blood pressure and you could faint.

In order to avoid dizziness during pregnancy it is best to take your time when getting up from a chair. If you were lying, it is best to sit to the side of the bed for a while and then slowly rise to a standing position. If you have to stand in the same place for a longer period of time, you should try to move your legs.

Moving can help you prevent pregnancy dizziness because it promotes circulation in your legs. Another good idea you may use is to be wearing support stockings.

Lying on the back

When you are in your third trimester lying on the back could also cause dizziness during pregnancy. The growing belly could put pressure on the blood vessels and the veins, blocking the normal circulation of blood.

In case you lie on your back you could make the pregnancy dizziness even worse. Even more, some of the women when they are lying on their back experience an increase in their heart rate and a drop in their blood pressure. As a result women could feel anxious and lightheaded until they change position.

As you can see, there are a lot of factors that could cause dizziness during pregnancy.


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