Sex Drive During Pregnancy: Sensitivity And Understanding Important

When you talk about sex during pregnancy, many women will say that they were put off by the act completely during pregnancy; probably an equal number will say they never had it better!

Fact is, a woman’s sex drive during her pregnancy could swing to either extreme or not change much from what is normal in her non-pregnant state.

The hormones of a pregnant woman are typically all over the place during the time that she is pregnant, which will determine whether she finds the intimacy of sexual intercourse unwelcome or whether she has the best sex of her during pregnancy

Either way it is important for her partner to be sensitive and accommodative about this. If a woman is disinclined or even experiences discomfort or pain then it is important to clear the air; perhaps the couple can engage in other kinds of physical intimacy, such as stroking or massage and engage more in the kind of intimacy that comes from expressing feeling, emotions and thoughts.

It isn’t just the partner, the pregnant woman also needs to be sensitive about the feelings and needs of her partner, and should explain her point of view while attempting to be as accommodative as possible. Read more about sex during pregnancy here.


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