Sleeping During Pregnancy – A Challenge All Future Moms Meet

It is known that the new parents hardly ever get enough sleep because of the little one, but sleeping during pregnancy could turn out to be just as difficult. In the first trimester it is expected to be sleeping more because the body is working more, and you will feel more tired. Your heart will pump faster as the body is working to create the placenta and the new blood cells.

Later during pregnancy it will be more difficult to get a good night’s sleep.

Why is it difficult to sleep while being pregnant?

Sleeping During Pregnancy

One of the main reasons for which it might be difficult to get the amount of sleep that you need is the increasing size of the baby that makes it less likely to find a comfortable position.

In case you usually sleep on your stomach or on your back it will be difficult getting used to sleeping on the side.

Frequent urination interfering with sleep during pregnancy

Another reason for which you cannot sleep while being pregnant is the often need to urinate. The kidneys need to work harder since there is more blood to filter and so there will be more urine.

As the pregnancy advances and the size of the baby increases, there will be more pressure on the bladder making sleeping during pregnancy more difficult.

Sleeping during pregnancy issues and the active baby

This is why you will have to go more often to the toilet both day and night, and in case the little one is especially active during the night, you could have many problems regarding sleeping during pregnancy.

It has been mentioned that the heart rate also increases since there is need for a greater blood supply to the uterus. The heart will need to work harder to make sure that the rest of the body will get enough blood too.

Pregnancy hormones interfering with pregnancy sleep

The pregnancy hormones could also affect your breathing, bothering your sleep while being pregnant. In this period you will breathe more deeply and during the night you will feel like you have to work harder to get the same amount of air. As the baby gets bigger there might also be some pressure on the diaphragm.

Back and leg pain disturbing sleep during pregnancy

You could experience pain in your back and legs because of the extra weight that you have to carry, making sleeping during pregnancy even more difficult. Another thing you should know that during pregnancy there is a special hormone produced called relaxin that prepares childbirth and as an effect, the ligaments will loosen in your body, making injuries more likely, especially in the back.

Pregnancy sleep troubled by slow digestion

It is known that the sleep while being pregnant is even more difficult, because the digestive system slows down and the food remains in the stomach and in the intestines for a longer period of time, leading to heartburn and constipation in some cases. As the pregnancy advances, and the baby grows bigger, there can be more pressure on the stomach and the intestines, making sleeping while being pregnant difficult. These are the things that you have to prepare for regarding sleeping during pregnancy.


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