Some of the Wonderful Things About Pregnancy

pregnancyWe read and discuss a lot about the discomforts and the problems that pregnant women encounter, however it is also important to enjoy one’s pregnancy and to take the time to appreciate things like –

  • The quickening or the feeling of the baby moving about inside; particularly the first flutterings. Though later it may seem as though junior is playing soccer inside, the first movements of the baby can be fascinating; known to none but the mother herself.
  • The remarkable and quick body changes such as the expanding waistline, the rounded, burgeoning belly are also a thing of fascination.
  • Instant camaraderie can result when two complete strangers meet, if they have nothing but pregnancy in common. They can strike up a conversation; even a friendship based on shared experiences and so on.
  • You are treated like a privileged person – people tend to get up and give their seat to you, open doors for you, offer to fetch and carry for you. Enjoy the attention and the concern while it lasts!
  • Pregnancy can be such an exciting time, for all the anticipation that it brings. Thinking of what your baby will be like, what all you will be able to do together and the bond that will develop are all things that can bring a delicious sense of anticipation.


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