Vaginal Bleeding During Pregnancy – To Panic or Not to Panic

In case you experience vaginal bleeding during pregnancy you should make sure to talk to your midwife or doctor right away even if it has stopped. It is very likely that it will turn out to be something minor, but it could also indicate a serious problem. The next step of the doctor varies from one case to the other.

Information on spotting during pregnancy

If you see your doctor most probably you will undergo an evaluation including an ultrasound, physical examination and also blood tests. This way the doctor will be able to rule out certain problems and you will be ensured that the little one is alright.

Vaginal Bleeding during PregnancyIn case you have constant vaginal bleeding when being pregnant and you cannot talk to your doctor you should go straight to the emergency room without delay.

The causes of bleeding

It is possible that the doctor won’t be able to find the reason of the bleeding. Nonetheless there are some common causes for bleeding during pregnancy.


One of the reasons of experiencing spotting when being pregnant is sex. This is because there is more blood flowing through the cervix during this period. A more alarming situation is when women have a cervical polyp. This is a condition that could cause bleeding after intercourse too.

Pap test

A lot of women experience vaginal bleeding while being pregnant after they have a Pap smear. This is a test that all pregnant women should go through. The bleeding in this case could last for a couple of days. Just as in the previous case, the reason could be a polyp or the increased blood flow of the cervix.

Implantation bleeding

The vaginal bleeding during pregnancy could appear at the earliest stages, even when you don’t know yet that you are pregnant and it could last for a couple of days. It is caused by the egg that gets implanted into the sensitive lining of the uterus.

Ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage

In case the spotting while being pregnant is accompanied by cramping or pain, it may be the sign of an ectopic pregnancy or a miscarriage. It is important to know that an ectopic pregnancy could be a life threatening problem and this is why you should tell your health care provider in case you experience pregnant women’s vaginal bleeding in the first trimester.

About 25% of women experience some kind of spotting, and half of these women get faced with a miscarriage. Nonetheless even if you have pregnant women’s spotting and you have an ultrasound showing that everything is normal, your chances of having an eventless pregnancy are of 90%.


Women’s spotting when being pregnant could be caused by something that has nothing to do with their pregnancy. They could have an STI or a vaginal infection that causes irritation or inflammation of the cervix. If this is the case then you will experience spotting after sex or a Pap smear.

There are a lot of reasons to experience different kinds of vaginal bleeding during pregnancy.


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