Vision Changes During Pregnancy

If you find that there are changes in your vision during pregnancy do not worry – these are normal.

Also, for the most part these are temporary changes that will resolve themselves soon after the arrival of the baby.

What sorts of vision problems are normal in pregnancy?

Women who already have vision problems may find that the problems get worse during pregnancy.

On the other hand, women who have never had vision problems may find that they experience vision problems for the first time during pregnancy.

Vision Changes During PregnancySome women find that they become rather near sighted during pregnancy. Others may find that their vision is blurred during these nine months.

Other vision problems during pregnancy could include dry and irritated eyes. Women who wear contact lenses may find that their contacts feel less comfortable during pregnancy.

However, at times vision problems during pregnancy could indicate that there is something wrong and may be the symptoms of pregnancy complications such as gestational diabetes.

It could also be that high blood pressure is causing the vision problems (preeclampsia) which is a potentially dangerous situation.

So if you do have any vision changes it is important that blood pressure and blood sugar levels be checked to rule out these possibilities.

What to do about vision changes in pregnancy

If your blood sugar levels and blood pressure is normal, then there may not be any need for medications of any sort or any changes in prescription, glasses and so on. Most women who have pregnancy vision problems may be advised to try and do without any medications if possible.

Women who wear contacts or glasses are usually advised not to bother with a change in prescription. This is because for the most part, the changes in vision do not persist beyond the duration of the pregnancy. If your contacts bother you, you could try and avoid wearing them for the nine-month duration and stick to glasses instead.

However if the vision changes are acute and uncomfortable, and you find that you need medications or eye drops, consult your doctor. In particular, women who have temporary dry eye syndrome in pregnancy may be bothered by the irritated, stretched and gritty feelings in the eyes.

Many types of eye drops are not recommended for use in pregnancy, because they could be harmful or because their possible impact on a pregnancy is not clearly understood. So always consult your doctor before starting any eye drops or medications.


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