Contraction Timer

On the day when the labor pains happen, the pregnant woman and her care givers will want to time the contractions to provide timely interventions. The timing of the contractions is very important in making the decision of calling the doctor or reaching the hospital. In this scenario a contraction timer comes handy. It is a simple tool that enables you to measure the length of a contraction. That is, it lets you determine interval between contractions.

How to Use the Contraction Timer

This is a free and instant use contraction timer which requires no download or signup. All you need to do is click the ‘contraction starts’ button when the contraction begins. When the contraction stops, click on the ‘contraction stops’ button. The results box below displays the duration of your contractions in seconds.

By using this contraction timer you take the worry of timing a stop watch out of your hands and concentrate on decision making. It is advisable to practice using the timer well before your due date so that you are prepared when the big day arrives.

Contraction Timer

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