B9 Vitamins To Make Babies Smarter

When a future mom finds out for the first time about her pregnancy, the first thing that comes to her mind is the health of her baby.

Nothing really prepares us for becoming mothers and nothing gives us the exact vision what the pregnancy will be like.

Knowing that our baby is unique has to determine us to attend to his or her unique needs from the very first weeks of their life.

I remember that when I was pregnant in 6 weeks[6 weeks pregnant] with my eldest I first read about the importance of the folic acid a.k.a. B9 vitamin in a mother’s alimentation during the first weeks of pregnancy.pregnant

The book in question stated that the folic acid is very important for the formation of our baby’s nervous system and in the mean time is an active factor in cell and tissue formation.

As hard as it may seem to believe the absence of this little vitamin can be responsible for so many neurological problems that may appear in the life of a newborn.

I remember how fast I have checked all the possible information and how much I was in need of guidelines concerning this matter.

This is how I have found out that a pregnant woman has to consume many fruits and vegetables, raw if possible because the folic acid is destroyed by the boiling process.

Also the folic acid has an important role in the protein synthesis and helps the forming of the baby’s muscles.

During my first pregnancy I was a great fan of cheese and eggs, and also of raw vegetable. I remember eating carrots and nuts and also the combination between the cheese omelet and the cabbage salad.

Now I couldn’t eat those things even if my life would depend on it but then I had no issues whatsoever.

I remember describing my nutritionist the food choices I was craving and he told me that my baby knew better than I did and that was why I had no problem with the raw vegetables.

eating fruitsIt was a joke of his of course but I never thought twice after that. In my future mom diet appeared macadamia nuts, and almonds but also yeast and green vegetable.

I kept on reading books about a future mom’s nutrition and in all of them I found data about the importance of the B9 vitamin.

I must say that my eldest is 6 years old, a prodigy for his age, with a slight determination of eating as much fruit as he can, but also very bright and accordingly to his pediatrician perfectly developed physically and mentally.

I am a proud mom but also I am glad I found out about the importance of that little vitamin when I did.

I was very young and unknowing and I really believe that my son’s mind had the folic acid as help while he was growing in my womb.


  1. Very information post!B9 vitamins play a very important role during pregnancy. Vitamin B9 intake reduces the risks of birth defects in children.it also assists in reducing the risk of toxemia in pregnancy,premature labor and hemorrhaging.It also enhances the production of milk after delivery as well.


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