Morning Sickness Is The First Pregnancy Challenge

When I got pregnant with my first child, I and my husband were living in Japan. Of course, newly weds, crazy in love and completely light headed, we were thinking of nothing but how to bring a little angel into the world.

When my monthly companion was late I admit I barely noticed so my breast not fitting my bra and getting extremely sensitive pretty much sounded an alarm in my head. I remember I had a metallic taste in my mouth and I could not seem to get enough sleep, me feeling so tired that I could hardly keep my eyes open. Oh yeah…and there was a distinctive repulsion at the scent of fish.

morning sicknessHonestly I have to admit I was throwing up at the mere smell of…everything.

You can imagine how desperate I was since I have heard of morning sickness but my morning sickness was turning in an all day long one with me lying by the toilet.

You cannot imagine how strange I felt considering that there were something wrong with me because all of my friends who were pregnant had normal morning nausea.

So between the sessions of throwing up everything I ate I started making calls and making doctors’ appointments.

You can imagine the result. The doctors lifted their shoulder saying that my condition was normal and that morning sickness like period is worse at some women than others.

morning sicknessSo among the facts that I was sleeping on my feet being more tired that I even was in my life and I could not bear to spend an hour without peeing, I was also crying because of the most insignificant things like breaking the nastiest looking cup I completely hated.

Accompanied by all the above throwing up came like the cherry on the cake so you can imagine I was completely impossible to live with.

So after the 3 weeks that practically drove me nuts I discovered the smartest lady doctor that simply gave me some piece of advice all mothers to be should know to fight the morning sickness.

Before I got up in the morning I drank a cup of tea and ate a biscuit. This is where my husband came into the picture serving me this weird type of breakfast.

morning sicknessI tried to get up in slow motion and stayed on the bed side for a few seconds before I got up on my feet.

The doctor advised me to take small snacks every few hours and do my best to avoid coffee and citrus juice.

Surprisingly she said it was ok to drink sparkling water and the bubbles sure helped me burp and kept my stomach steady…weird , huh?

I was also advised to stay away from strong flavors and spices while cooking and avoid unpleasant strong scents to the best of my ability.

I heard about future moms that took some pretty “harmless” nausea pills. Trust me it was not a good idea, so if you girls see that neither of the above work, go see a doctor.
He or she will sure give you a hand and remind you that this is but a bump in the road to a happy motherhood!


  1. morning sickness is one of the symptoms of pregnancy. Some time this with nausea and even vomiting. If it is light then it is very common and if tit is very severe then may be due to some other reasons also. So consult your doctors in case of severe nausea and vomiting


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