The First Month Of Pregnancy Demystified

All future moms enter the pregnancy talk sooner or later and if most of the forums discuss personal experience some online articles or info may walk a first time pregnant woman from joy to dread.

So here is the first step in the world of pregnancy explained so the future mothers would understand in plain words what is going on in their body.

first month of pregnancy 1Once the pregnancy test has shown the reality and the visit to your gynecologist has stated that you are expecting a little one, the first month of pregnancy is on.

It is pointless to say that you will have to be very careful because all women know this but the first month is actually most important as nutrition goes.

The right way to go is eat rationally and eliminate from your diet all food elements that are normally bad for grownups because they will be even more dangerous for your baby.

As body changes come you will not experience significant changes other that breasts’ sensibility and sometimes cramps.

There are cases when women can experience mild bleeding known as “pregnancy spots” which may appear when the embryo implants in the uterus wall.

Getting back to the food part, during this first month you will have to eat mostly fruit and vegetable and of course food rich in protein.

first month of pregnancy 2You should eat Chicken, Meat, Fish, Beans and Soya but also consider a B vitamin intake that will prevent congenital malformations.

You will have to be extra careful about how the food is cooked because you must avoid raw meat, raw eggs, milk that is not pasteurized, random medications, drugs, tobacco and drugs.

Now comes the part where all women are starting to calculate the delivery date.

You have to be realistic about the matter and understand that predicting the exact date is pretty difficult. Still, you should know that it will be in the 226th day after conception.

first month of pregnancy 3Of course here comes the problem because most couple can’t say for sure when the conception took place.

A hint would be that at the women with a cycle of 28 days the ovulation takes place in the 14th while at those with a cycle of 22-24 days the conception probably took place in the 8th or 9th day. So provided you know the type of cycle you have you can start calculating using one of the above methods.

Considering the conception date will help you see the approximate development of your pregnancy.

You should know that after 14 days the embryo has the size of a needle point and the division process will continue rapidly in the first 4 weeks.

This being the beginning of the 9 months journey, you as a future mom should know that you are starting a wonderful adventure where the only mystery is the miracle life growing inside you.

Dare and think of the first month as being the best way you can experience the start of a new stage in your womanhood. You are the way life found the power to create. Be proud.


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