Who Said You Can’t Be The Most Fashionable Future Mom

Some women feel uncomfortable during their pregnancy, because of the weight gain and the swollen feet.

In the past, I have met many women who felt that they were not attractive or fashionable, and it is no wonder when the maternity outfits that were out there were so hideous.[maternity fashion]

The clothes were mostly large, shapeless dresses, with floral prints that accentuated how big you were or tried to cover up every inch of your body. The dresses covered you from head to foot making you look like a large blob as you walked around.maternity outfits

There was nothing pleasing or trendy about them at all. Why shouldn’t a woman feel attractive and beautiful during her pregnancy? This is one of the happiest phases in a woman’s life and feeling beautiful should come naturally.

Fortunately the trend has begun to change and society has started to become fashion conscious when it comes to a pregnant woman’s appearance.

Thanks in part to celebrities who have proudly shown their pregnant bodies. By posing naked in magazines, being portrayed in shows and movies, and happily talking about being pregnant, celebrities have helped women to see how beautiful they could be while pregnant.

Clothes followed the direction towards clothes[maternity clothes] that showed off the “baby bump”. Now you see plenty of women in fashionable frocks while being pregnant.

The modern woman has embraced the idea of being pregnant and pretty. The pregnant woman is a big business nowadays, where you will find everything from business attire to swimwear.

Although most articles of clothing have been revamped, many designers have failed to take notice of a side effect of pregnancy, and that’s aching feet that have just ballooned to a larger size. The latest trend should be comfortable yet fashionable shoes for swollen feet.

Just look into a few women’s closets and you will find that their favorite item to buy is shoes. Why shouldn’t this translate into pregnancy?

Having beautiful shoes that cradle a woman’s swollen feet would be wonderful for those of us who have found that we no longer can walk in heels and most of our shoes have suddenly shrunk in size.

Who said future moms can’t be fashionable? As long as designers pay attention to women’s needs during pregnancy they will always have a consumer. I know that I want to be comfortable yet stylish. I want clothes to fit me well, and to make me look beautiful.

I should not have to wear shapeless dresses that make it look as if I were hiding something. Another thing designers should pay attention to is footwear.

I still want cute shoes on my feet, but I would like them to accommodate my new larger foot and be comfortable enough to wear throughout the day.

Today’s fashion have changed from twenty years ago, where you had to wear long skirts and oversized tops. The days when hiding your pregnancy is over.

Cherish your body and the life within you. Being pregnant is one of the times a woman’s body makes her look great. My cousin recently became pregnant and I have never seen her more beautiful. Her skin was clear, she had sparkles in her eyes and her clothes were fabulous.

Now if only she did not have to wear those sneakers, it would have been perfect. Have you ever heard that pregnant women glow? This is because of the hormones coursing through their bodies, making them seem as if they had a light on inside, illuminating them.

Use this to your advantage, buy those gorgeous outfits, and flaunt your body. The styles have changed so celebrate this wonderful time in your life.


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