Why Go To Lamaze Class?

Lamaze is a breathing technique started some time in the late 50’s to help pregnant women through their labor and birth.

Pregnancy, besides being a joyful and exciting time, can also be a scary time.

If this is your first pregnancy you might have heard a lot of horror stories about other women going through hours and hours of painful labor.

A great way to ease much of your fears is doing the research on labor.

Ask for advice and talk to your doctor or midwife. Many mothers will tell you that the Lamaze technique helped them considerably during their birth experience.Lamaze

Reading up and learning more about Lamaze and other helpful ways to manage your labor pains will give you confidence when the time comes to actually deliver the baby.

You should be as knowledgeable about the process as you can so that when you experience it yourself, you know what is going on. Being confident in the knowledge that your body knows what it is doing helps tremendously.

Lamaze tries to give you that confidence in yourself and have trust that you can do it. Lamaze teaches you relaxation techniques to help you through your pain, it also lets you know that although labor can be painful it is also a joy because your body is working as intended to help your baby come out.

The breathing techniques that they teach you in Lamaze class are the best of the yoga breathing discipline and using it will help you to focus your strength and energy into pushing your young one out.

With the Lamaze classes, you learn to give birth to your baby without any medical intervention, especially the use of drugs. You find out that the baby feels what you feel and can be influenced by any drugs in your system.

Therefore, the calmer and more focused you are the easier it will be for your baby and yourself. In the class you will learn how to follow along as your body progresses, breathing and directing your thoughts to that moment when you can hold your baby.

You follow the steps until, letting your body do what it needs to do and suddenly you are a new mommy.

There is much more to Lamaze than breathing. In the classes, women learn that giving birth deeply changes the mother and the baby and the mother will enter the final stages of her pregnancy with confidence. A bond will form naturally between mother and child because of the hormones that the body gives off naturally.

Some times these hormones can be hindered by drugs. Women learn that birth can be a natural experience in which she should be an active participant.

Lamaze stresses that since birth is a healthy, normal action of the body, it can be done at home without any medical interference.

By going to Lamaze you can make choices based on their teachings and that gives you control on your experience. This is your baby and your body, you can do this because you know what you will be going through and it is natural.

Lamaze empowers women by giving them the knowledge to overcome their fears of giving birth. They encourage you to manage your painful labor without medication or other drug intervention.

My sister-in-law recently gave birth using the Lamaze technique and when she was holding her baby in her arms, she told us that she had never experienced anything like it.

Natural birth, she agreed, might not be for every woman, but certainly, for her it was and she felt powerful and was proud of herself. We could see this from the new addition of strength in her eyes. She could do anything.


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