HCG Injection To Increase The Chances Of Becoming Pregnant!

HCG injection can help women with fertility problems.

In order to increase the chances of becoming pregnant, HCG injection is given along with other fertility drugs.

HCG is the pregnancy hormone that maintains the corpus luteum producing progesterone when conception occurs.

The injection is administered in two ways based on your body’s condition and type. It can be given just under the skin i.e. subcuteously or in muscles i.e. intramuscularly. The timing of the HCG injection administration is very important.

But, before going to take the injection, it is very important to inform your health care provider if you have any of the following conditions:

  • Asthma
  • Kidney disease
  • Ovarian cysts
  • Ovarian cancer
  • Heart disease
  • Seizures
  • Allergic reaction to HCG, any medicines, preservatives, foods, hormones, or dyes
  • If you are already pregnant
  • Breastfeeding
  • Migraines

Usage of HCG injection:

Usually, HCG injection is given to thigh or buttock muscles. This injection can be given by your health care provider at a specified day of your fertility treatment cycle. You will be administered with this injection as one dose per cycle.

Ask your doctor about how to inject HCG on your own. He will explain the procedure.

HCG injection can easily interact with herbal and dietary supplements, like black cohosh, chasteberry, or blue cohosh. So, it is better to inform your health care provider about all the medications you are using, along with non-prescription, nutritional and herbal products.

Things you need to watch for while taking HCG injection:

HCG injection

  • If you are receiving HCG in order to get pregnant, then you need to maintain all the records needed by your health care professional on your body temperature and also intercourse. You need to follow the suggestions based on urine or blood test or ultrasound scan.
  • Some of the fertility treatments that you follow may increase the chance of giving birth to multiple babies.
  • If you consume alcohol or smoke, then fertility treatments have less impact on you in becoming pregnant.

If you encounter any of the following hcg injections side effects, then you need to inform your health care professional:

  • Indigestion
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Shortness of breath
  • Sudden weight gain
  • Swelling
  • Stomach pain or pelvic pain
  • Bloating
  • Frequent and small amounts of urine

If you want to take this fertility treatment, it is better to consult your doctor. He will give a clear idea about the benefits and side effects of the HCG injection and also suggest you whether it is suitable for your body’s condition or not.


  1. I don’t know if anyone with knowledge will be answering this, but I am noticing the frequent urination from the HCG injection, but it’s not small amounts. Does that mean that it’s an adverse affect? This is my first month trying the injection. I called C.A.R.S this morning and they told me what I was experiencing were hormone spikes (most likely).

  2. I think this is my next step after 1 year on 150 clomid. I am so saddened that after 2 years of trying I am still not pregnant. People keep telling me to stop thinking about it… how can I ‘Forget’. I’m getting so disheartened by the whole situation and just wish I could stop stressing about it. I hate my body for the upset it is causing me, I hate it for not being normal, and I hate it for doing this to me!!

    My husband tells me not to be so hard on myself, but it’s a fact, it’s my body causing these problems! How can I not blame myself?

    I have an appointment with the fertility clinic on the 28th Feb. He mentioned last time about injections next if clomid doesn’t work. So I assume he means the above, it is my last chance as I’m not sure I can take much more upset and disappointment!

    Sorry for the long winded comment but I am so emotionally drained.

  3. I am going through exactly the same thing. I had the specialized NaPro technology surgery…have tried progesteron, clomid, plus trying to keep my hips elevated afterwards. I fortunately found out that two major problems are very fixable…we’ll see. The only sperm friendly lubricant is “pre-seed”, plus we found out that we’re to wait at least 15 minutes with my hips elevated…I used to run to the bathroom to try to urinate, but they say 15 minutes, won’t cause a UTI. I’ve been praying that God will just help me accept the cross he gave me because every day I cry and every day I get my period, I cry even more…I’m 37…didn’t marry my husband untill 1.5 years go. My LAST chance is the HCG injections….besides divine intervention, which I do believe in. btw…people who tell me to calm down make me want to slap them in the face so I guess their advice is doing the OPPOSITE for me Good luck for you, I pray for everyone who has infertility issues, cause now I KNOW what it does to people’s emotions.

  4. hi ladys i think ye r all very lucky, i had one miscarrige and have been trying for over 4 years now, and my doctor wont give me anything im on the waiting list a year now i wish someone would gave me HCG or clomid something. its so heartbreaking for us looking at everyone around us having there babys, if there was one wish i could have it would be to have a little boy r girl, so please help me as it is emotionally draining thanking you all for listen.

  5. I wanted to know if anyone has been successful with the injections? I tried rounds of clomid and nothing happended by hot flashes and disappointment. Help! Advice needed should I go for the shot? I am 39 years of age.

  6. My husband and I lost a child a few years ago and when we finally decided to try again, I experienced infertility. I tried 3 rounds of chlomid with no success. I did a round of injections with no success. I did a second round of injections and acupuncture. For the woman who was elevating her hips, I used Instead softcups to keep the sperm close to the cervix, you can type it in a search (Instead softcups and pregnancy). We now have a healthy little boy. Good luck to you all.

  7. i am 27 yrs old and on 2nd round of clomid. First round didn’t work. I have been trying to have a little one for over a year now. We have tried it all, i mean everything. $4,000 dollar test done at the hospital to see if my tubes were clear and yeah of course they are…tomorrow i start my 2nd round of clomid I may call my doctor and see if i can try the HCG shot. A friend of mine took it on her 3rd round of clomid and got pregnant, so there is hope. When you say it takes a toll on your emotions, your absolutely right. When AF came i was at work and was in tears because its so devastating every month. People who have 3-4 kids DO NOT understand what we feel. good luck to all of “us.” something has to work…..right???

  8. I used HCG injections soley for diet purposes without trying to become pregant. I asked the doctor if the chances were high while on HCG, he said due to the low dosage of HCG, the chances of becoming pregnant were very slim. I became pregnant for the first time at age 30 while on HCG for 16 days. Obviously, as you become older, the chances of becoming pregnant reduces significantly so HCG may not work for everyone. I just wanted to share my experience that it is possible to become pregant while on HCG.

  9. I was on the hcg diet and fell pregnant also by taking shots everyday. Prior to this I was trying to get pregnant for 3 years with no luck n becuz I’m 38 decided not to take any further. I had decided to do this miracle diet and low n behold I became pregnant

  10. After a test revealed that my tubes were clear, my doctor has prescribed me Clomid as well as the HCG shot. I’m overwhelmed with excitement and disbelieve. I always figured that I just could not have kids, but figured it was time for me to at least find out why I couldn’t. I went to a reproductive endocrinologist who didn’t waste anytime getting me started. He believes that I should get pregnant fairly quickly. During my next cycle, I will get ultra-sounds, start clomid and get HCG shot. Also, in my case, my RE was much more aggressive towards finding the problem than my OB-GYN. I told my OB-GYN about fertility concerns 2.5 years ago, she ordered 2 test and that was it. So, if you aren’t have success with a OB-GYN, got to an RE. Blessings to all

  11. I just finished my 3rd round of clomid started off with 4mm and now I have 3 eggs at 24mm 31mm and 33mm and just had my first HCG shot today… The doctor said get busy for the next 3 days…

  12. So far Clomid has helped with my eggs maturing but this is our first month actullly trying with a OBGYN’s help. Im very excited and nervous : /

  13. I just took my first shots of HCG 10,000 after a 3day cycle of Gonal F, have two eggs that matured according to the Doc 19.99 and 23.34 he said the possibility of twins was good and my uterus looked amazing. Just passed the fertility zone and just waiting in emotional agony!! on the verge of tears all the time. We have been trying for 5 yrs but just switched to a infertility doc who is amazing 2month and already on my third type of fertility drug.. wishin everyone luck hope this works!!

  14. I was told when I was about 21 that the window for me to have a child was opening and going to close. I am now nearly 27 and have had no pregnancies what so ever. I got married on June 25th of this year and my husband and I had started doing ovulation tests and such months before with no luck. We assumed I would have to take fertility drugs and maybe have a DNC. I did the HCG injection diet for 20 days before the wedding trying to shed some last minute weight before the big day. Imagine my shock when I realized that I had missed my period the week of the wedding. I thought it was stress…. LOL… nope… the one time all month that we had sex (oops before we got married) we got pregnant. I think the shots are the reason we are having a baby. I believe that with my whole heart. I had quit stressing about it and made my piece that it would happen someday and then it just happened. I am curious if we are having twins and can’t find much on the possibility of twins when using HCG. I guess I will find out in time!

  15. @Mrs. Williams: Here is a note of encouragement. I know a woman(she used to babysit me when I was a kid) who tried for over 5 years to get pregnant. She and her husband had tried most treatments that they could afford and had given up. They decided to adopt a newborn little boy. They had just finished all the paperwork, which took them some months to finalize. Just after finalizing the paperwork and bringing home their new 2 month old baby, she discovered that she was pregnant. The adopted baby, although bottle fed for 2 months, would not take to the bottle when she brought him home. They discovered that he wanted to nurse. With her being pregnant, the doctor showed her how to begin producing milk for the adopted baby and she began nursing him.

    God works in mysterious ways. Her adopted son was meant to be in her life just as much as the child that she’d given birth to. Keep your head up and never lose faith in what can happen.

  16. I am going in for my first IUI tomorrow morning. I have been on Gonal-F injections for the past week and the doctors said I was more ready than they thought so I am going in for the IUI first thing! I am excited and nervous. We have a 3 1/2 year old son and I am praying for a sibling for him. I had a miscarriage before my son and then one again last year. I haven’t been able to get pregnant in over a year and hoping for a miracle

  17. Hi~

    I am almost 43yrs old and have been TTC for 2yrs.
    I did coneive after 17 months only to miscarry at 8w4d along. My friend told me about the Crieghton Model of fertility (charting your mucus) and NaPro technology (medical dr’s that read the charts and help. (google it)
    After blood tests (about13) over the past cycle.
    I went on certian days of MY cycle not a cookie cutter cycle from a text book! I got my results yesterday……

    low estrogen and low progesterone

    I will be taking 4 HCG injections on peak +3 +5 +7 +9 of MY cycle then going in for a blood test.
    I am under my NaPro Docters supervision.

    He told me that all the diet companies have been buying the HCG up making it hard to find. It also needs to be given in a certian dose and ONLY certian times in your cycle.

    From some of the other coments I have read here, women are getting ahold of this stuff (HCG) and just taking it. That is very dangerous and could cause a miscarriage if you take it at the wrong time and then stop suddenly.

    I have been trying to get my hormone levels checked for the past year and all the OB GYNS just say your to old to have more kids. (I do have 6 already)

    But there are dangers and health risks to having low hormones. It really agravates my that OB GYNS and other doctors for that matter don’t seem to care and look at you like you are crazy!

    Having low hormones also cause insulin resistance and a list of other health issues.

    Peace and Love,
    TTC in WA

  18. Hi All!
    Good luck to all of you in your quest for a precious baby. I have been trying to conceive my first for a little over a year now and hope it’ll happen soon. I took Bravelle for a week and then an hcg shot. I was charting while all of this was happening and am wondering if anyone knows the answer to the following: Will the HCG have an effect on your temperature? If so, how?

  19. First attempt to get pregnant with iui, husband had cancer and radiation as a kid. Opted not to do clomid for first attempt but minutes before the iui the nurse gave me hcg. Said it would help my uterine lining to support a pregnancy. They told me the hcg would give me a false positive when I take a pregnancy test for 10-12 days. That’s all I know about it.

  20. We have been TTC for 2 years now, I am 41 and we were married 2 years ago. We have had all the test nd they have all come back good. O am now on my second round of Gonal F 375 Iu injections and also 150iu injections of Luveris. The first cycle produces 1 large folicle but no pregnancy. We waited 1 month in between and have just finished our second round with these meds, IUI was yesterday and we have 2 large folicles over 18mm and 2 at about 16mm. We are praying for our little miracle. I read above some of the responses, and yes, it is extremely emotional. I cry, I am very moody nd I dont understand why us??? The financial aspect is unreal, it causes a huge stress on our relationship, but we are trying to stay positive, happy and most important show each other the love we need during this time. I pray for all the families TTC and wish them all the luck and tons of BABY DUST to you all. You are not alone, we are in this together. Hugs to you all.

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