5 Ways Pets Could be Bad for you During Pregnancy

It is true that pets for most people are their lives and as important as their own babies. But even inspite of the unconditional love, there are certain things you will need to keep in mind when you are pregnant and have a pet at home.

Luckily, you won’t need to send your pet away but a few precautions and changes made at this stage can prove extremely beneficial for you as well as the health of the baby growing inside you. The following are a few of the top ways in which your pet could be bad for you during pregnancy.

pets could be bad for you during pregnancyThe Litter Box

Having pets means having a litter box in the house which contains the feces of the cats or dogs. But changing the litter box during pregnancy is a big no-no. The feces of pets may contain a parasite that is responsible for causing toxoplasmosis. This infection can be spread to humans and is especially scary during pregnancy because it can cross the placenta and harm the baby. So when you are expecting, make sure that someone else does the work of changing the litter box.

Fur and Dander

If you have a pet at home during pregnancy and you are someone who is allergic to pets, then you may need to talk to the doctor about allergy medicines and whether you can take them during pregnancy. The fur and dander of pets can be responsible for many types of allergies and increased reactions during pregnancy.

Scary Viruses and Parasites

If you have pets like hamsters, guinea pigs or mice at home, then you must know that they may carry many scary types of viruses and parasites that can cause several types of birth defects and even miscarriages. Thus, avoid cleaning the cage or enclosures of these pets and stay away from their saliva, urine, droppings or blood during pregnancy and even otherwise.   Make sure if you touch these pets, you wash your hands thoroughly afterwards.

Bites and Scratches

Aanother reason why pets can be bad for you during pregnancy is because they can exhibit bad behavior and bite you. The bite or scratch of the pet may take time to heal and the medication given for it may not prove good during pregnancy.

It is important to train your pet properly from the very beginning so it knows about not to scratch or bite you. Make sure your pet is well behaved when the baby arrives so that it knows not to harm the baby. Remember never to leave your baby alone with the pet when it arrives.


Pets can be very unpredictable and this is not such a great thing when you are pregnant. It is true that dogs can be very affectionate to you during pregnancy but they may showcase unpredictable behavior like jumping on you which surely doesn’t sound too good. If your big dog is a jumper, then you might want to give it proper training while you are planning on having a baby.

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