7 Tips to Cope with Bed Rest During Pregnancy

While to some taking bed rest may be a relaxing proposition but in reality when one is forced to take bed rest, especially during pregnancy, then that can come out as a big inconvenience and discomfort.  Bed rest can seem to be a challenging punishment instead of being a much needed break during the pregnancy phase. Some of the reasons why doctors may ask you to go for bed rest include active contractions, ruptured membranes and placenta previa.  But if you wish to learn some effective ways to cope up with bed rest during pregnancy, then you can go through the following given information.

tips to cope with bed rest during pregnancy

Stay Connected with Others

Bed rest can really limit your physical movement and hence your contact with people but you can make use of technology or phones to stay connected with others and seek their support. You can use your phone, tablet or laptop to keep yourself engaged and connected with friends and family. Through these methods, you can also ask others to visit you and give you company while you take rest.

Be Focussed on your Health and that of the Baby’s

Bed rest can really make you lethargic and lazy. But in order to avoid feeling like this, you must remain focussed on your health and that of the baby’s. Keep your eyes on the ultimate prize and things may seem easier. Take care of your diet, do productive things and plan for the future when the baby comes. Ask your doctor how you can get more nutrition, make yourself healthier and take care of your baby even while being in the bed rest position.

Work from Home

For working women, staying at home and resting in bed can be really tough as it is a big change from the previous life. Thus if possible and with your doctor’s position, try to work from home as this will not only keep you active but also engaged and distracted from your pain or other conditions. Not only is this something really productive but will also make you feel better about yourself.

Read, Research

Bed rest can be a great time to read and do research on ways to stay healthy during pregnancy and also to plan for your future when the baby comes. You can read pregnancy, childbirth and parenting books and also do research using the internet. Make the most of this time by gathering the maximum possible information.

Take Up a Course

There are many internet courses and other short term courses that you can take sitting at home. This time could be a good time to add to your list of qualifications and learning. You can easily do a language course or any other similar course during this time as this can both be a fruitful and rewarding experience. This can help you keep distracted from the pain and discomfort and may keep you more active as well.


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