9 Sleep Tips During Pregnancy!

Pregnancy period is essential for women, and during this period they feel exhausted, especially in their first trimester. In such time, they require more sleep than normal. Early pregnancy symptoms include nausea along with heartburn and indigestion which may affect your sleep. Here are some tips that will help women to increase their sleep in the first trimester which is good for their health during this period. There are couples of option that will guide you to sleep positions in first trimester period.

9 Sleep Tips During Pregnancy

Tips to deal with First Trimester Pregnancy Sleep

1. Wear comfortable clothes

As we know, pregnancy is a time when our body feels discomfort. It is important for women that they should wear comfortable clothes including bra which suits their growing breasts. It is better to move for sports bra or sleep bar for maternity purpose.

Women should use the body pillow to support their breasts which have been sore. If you are not comfortable while sleeping position due to breast soreness, then you should consult your doctors for medicines or drugs.

2. Avoid taking liquid diet

Pregnancy increases your urination frequency, and it will disturb your sleep which makes women tired as they continuously visit a bathroom for urination. If you want to reduce this problem, then women should avoid using liquid diet in the night which makes you sleep comfortably. They should go for liquid diet in the morning and avoid using it in the night. Try to avoid tea, cola and coffee.

3. Morning sickness

It is a common thing in Pregnancy, and you will notice this problem in first 12 weeks of Pregnancy. Along with that, most of the women face a challenge of nausea during this period which keeps them awake during morning and night time.

This problem is due to blood sugar level which is low in the body due to pregnancy. It would be better for women that they should move for herbal remedies or consult their doctors for such problems. Ginger and Acupressure is the best remedy to overcome this problem.

4. Indigestion problem

Indigestion problem is also faced during this period as in pregnancy time, food takes more time to digest which affects your sleep after dinner. It would be better for women that they should have their dinner 2 hours before sleep. It will have enough time to digest food before you sleep. Along with that, you should eat slowly during this period so that you will not come across with any food-related problems.

Indigestion During Pregnancy

5. Anxiety and Stress problem

Stress and anxiety problem is common during pregnancy as women are more stressed about the delivery part which enables to sleep them nicely. It would be better for them to note down the thing which makes them stressed and try to find the best solution to overcome that problem.

They should consult their health specialist regarding their issue. It is also recommended that they should remain cool before going to bed. They should have warm milk accompanied by music and exercises which makes them little tired and they will sleep nicely.

6. Yoga

It is the best mode, which helps you to relax your muscles along with making your body flexible during pregnancy stage. Women will come across with health clubs along with gyms and training centres which provides yoga and stretching exercises for pregnant women. Doing yoga and exercises before going to bed will make you sleep quickly.

7. Massage

It will also help in relaxing your muscles which will remove your stress and makes you sleep quickly. Consult your doctor before taking this facility to seek some professional expert help.  Women can also get hand and foot massage with their partner to relax their body, and they will fall asleep early

8. Breathing

Deep breathing is also one of the best ways to promote sleep. It helps in lowering the heart rate along with providing ease of muscle stress.

9. Exercise

If pregnant women perform activities on a daily basis; they will become physically and mentally fit. It helps in promoting sleep and makes you fit and active throughout the day.

Thus these are the above tips that will work better for women during pregnancy period. They will help the women to relax their muscles along with cooling their mind to sleep correctly. It will include, and so these are main tips that will help you to sleep better in First trimester period of pregnancy.


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