A Stress Free Holiday with a Period Delay Pill

The monthly cycle that can be experienced by a woman can at times become a hindrance in her daily routine. It can especially be an uncomfortable situation, if a special event or a holiday is due, thus having your period at such a time can spoil your fun and make you uncomfortable throughout.


In the past, women simply had to endure and succumb to the situation, while being unable to fully enjoy themselves. In contrast, todays’ women have the option of delaying their periods for a desired time period with the ability to resume once they are ready to have their periods. To this point, Norethisterone has proven to be one of the most effective period delay medications.

This medication consists of a synthetic version of a female hormone called progestogen, which helps in controlling the menstrual cycle. The active ingredient norethisterone, effectively imitates the natural womb environment in order to prevent you from having your periods.

The progestogen present naturally in your body maintains the lining of the womb, which helps an egg, if fertilized, to attach and grow into an embryo. However, if no egg is released and fertilized, the level of progestogen drops and consequently once having reached a certain level, the womb lining is shed as periods. Norethisterone works towards maintaining the levels of progestogen in your body.

This helps in preventing the fall of progestogen and the shedding of the womb lining to result as a period. This medication needs to be taken three days prior to the suspected start date of your period and should be continued up till the day you want your periods to delay.

You are to take a 5mg tablet thrice on a daily basis. Once you stop taking the pill, your periods will resume within a span of three to four days. Norethisterone also provides the additional benefit of treating menstrual problems such as reducing heavy bleeding during your periods, painful periods, endometriosis, and pre-menstrual symptoms.


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