Alprazolam Or Xanax During Pregnancy! How Safe Is It?

Before answering this question, you should know before, what is Xanax and why it has been used. Alprazolam is a type of drug which is also known by the name as a benzodiazepine. This medicine is approved by FDA, and it provides excellent relief in anxiety symptoms along with managing the disorder related to anxiety. It is used for treating panic disorder.

This drug is safe in all way, but if you are planning about pregnancy, then you have to consider few things before taking this medicine as it may cause some adverse effects on your body. Let’s find out, is this drug is safe during pregnancy?

No, this drug is not safe for pregnancy as it causes some serious problems during your pregnancy period.  This medicine should be avoided during first three trimesters.

Alprazolam Or Xanax During Pregnancy! How Safe Is It?

First trimester problems

Taking this drug in the first trimester, i.e. the period from 1 – 3 months will raise the issue of congenital disabilities in the baby. The challenges faced during this period will include cleft lip along with palate and other significant problems. This medicine will affect the whole life of your baby regarding their looks up and functioning part.

Second and third-trimester problems

Taking this drug in second and third trimester’s of pregnancy, i.e. the period from 4-9 months cause withdrawal syndrome in the baby. It is because this drug will cause physical dependence in the baby. It will cover down the main problems of trouble breathing along with eating part and dehydration problem. All these will create a problem for few days, but you cannot say that these are a long-lasting problem.

This will also lead to the problem of the floppy instant syndrome. It will create a low Apgar score which will show physical condition of your baby. It will result in weak muscles of your baby. In this situation, they will not be able to control their head along with arms and legs. It will give them the lousy experience like a rag doll. This problem will last for 3 -4 weeks after the birth. They will face the main issues of breathing, body temperate and heart rate problem.

 Main symptoms caused by Xanax

It will lead to the problem of mood changes along with muscle cramps and nausea. Doctors will guide you some best tips as for how you can use this drug safely without creating any problem for the same.  If you are suffering from the central issue of anxiety and this drug is not safe, then consult with your doctor first as he will guide you best alternative for this drug.

Apart from the drug, doctors will also suggest you about CBT which means Cognitive behavioural therapy which is a form of talk therapy which is done with the therapist. It will give you relief from anxiety symptoms and panic disorder. If still, you are facing problem then in that case, then in that case you are suggested different options by your health consultant.

Some useful advice about Xanax

Pregnant women should avoid taking Xanax. They can move to other modes for the problem of panic disorder. Having baby is a good experience, but in some cases, it may cause stress in life. You have to plan in a better way in managing your anxiety level during pregnancy. If this problem remains untreated, it will cause a serious problem in pregnancy.

If this problem is treated in the best way, then you will get the benefits of good parental care. Anxiety disorder will lead to the problems of smoking along with drinking alcohol. All these behaviours will result in premature birth and low weight at the time of delivery.

If the proper treatment is taken regarding anxiety problem, then it will ensure a healthy pregnancy for you along with your baby. If you are avoiding this drug at the time of pregnancy period, then it will prove useful for you along with your baby.

Thus we have come across with the right answer to the above question is that taking Xanax is not safe for you during pregnancy. If you are suffering from the main problems of panic disorder, then it is better to move to alternative modes. Apart from that instead of moving for drugs during this period, it is better to go for CBT process which is talk therapy that is done with a therapist which will help you in solving the problem of anxiety level along with guiding you some useful tips that will work better in pregnancy.


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