Management of Anxiety During Pregnancy

The period of pregnancy is a trying time for many expectant mothers. There are a number of changes that take place in the bodies of the expectant mothers throughout the pregnancy period and these changes are a major cause of concern to many of the women in question.

It is therefore not uncommon to encounter a lot of increased or abnormal anxiety during pregnancy. The individual causes of such anxiety are easy to pin point and it should be noted that these reasons are almost as varied and distinct as the individuals concerned themselves are.

Anxiety During PregnancyTo a casual observer, this anxiety that most expectant women go through may seem entirely uncalled for since more often than not, they seem to be fretting over issues that should not excite such concern in a normal setting.

The problem of anxiety during pregnancy is particularly common among new, first time mothers who have had no previous experience in pregnancy.

It should be noted at this point that fretting and anxiety during pregnancy is a normal experience and that almost all expectant women inevitably have got to go through these episodes of anxiety before they are through with the duration of pregnancy.

There is normally no shortage of issues over which to fret and this is particularly why most people tend to consider pregnant women rather bothersome and nagging.

While such arguments are easy to dismiss, it remains a fact that most of the time, pregnant women normally fret over things not worth giving much thought to.

The exact connection that links anxiety to pregnancy has not been clearly established, even though studies and researches conducted on pregnant women indicate that an overwhelming majority of the expectant women are bound to suffer from stress related complications at some point.

While it is normal to have episodes of anxiety during pregnancy, there are some safe limits within which the anxiety is normal and should not be a subject of concern.

It is only when this anxiety becomes severe or lasts for an extended duration of time that steps should be taken to curb it. In case you are an expectant mother and are concerned about heightened levels of anxiety that you have been experiencing, then you should be interested in learning about some of the available techniques that you can employ to bring down these levels.

How to reduce anxiety during pregnancy

The following steps should prove useful to any expectant mother who is trying to cut down on pregnancy related anxiety.

a)    Reduce your chores – It is vital to reduce the number as well as the intensity of the chores that you undertake during the period of pregnancy. Taking on physically exerting tasks is likely to only increase the anxiety.

b)    Rest more and for longer – You should take frequent breaks from your regular routine to just relax.

c)    Take regular exercises – Simple but regular exercises such as walking or swimming can go a long way in relieving anxiety during pregnancy.

d)    Eat a healthy and well balanced diet. This will help in improving both your physical and emotional balance.


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