Backache During Pregnancy – Why Does It Happen?

When you think about how much your body changes during a pregnancy, how much pressure is put on the body, even the center of gravity being altered for the mother to be, it is easy to understand that one of the things that a lot of expectant mothers have to deal with is backache.

Also, during pregnancy, hormones such as progesterone and relaxin tend to soften ligaments as well as joints of the pelvis and the spine which contribute to the backache.Backache

Since the presence of the baby bump means that a woman is suddenly having to get used to carrying a lot of extra weight[weight gain during pregnancy] in the front where earlier there was none, her center of gravity changes and with it, her posture as well.

The spine being pulled forward due to these changes results in backache. The hollow indent at the back also increases since the weight of the baby is towards the front and not the back, causing backache.

Many women develop sciatica pain during pregnancy because of the extra pressure from the baby’s weight may cause the nerve to get inflamed.

If a woman finds that she is getting backache at the end of each day, this may be a sign that she is overdoing it and perhaps needs to think of getting a little more rest.


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