Bad Health Effects of Processed Food During Pregnancy

Processed foods may seem like an easy to make and prepare option to all of us but they do have a number of negative points associated with them that can make them harmful for our healths.  Many food companies hide the various negative impacts of such foods.

It is not a surprise that pregnant women are asked to stay away from processed foods.  They may seem tasty but pose a lot of danger since one tends to grow dependent on them and they have many bad health effects. To know more about these negative effects of processed foods on our health, you can go through the following given information.

bad health effects of processed food during pregnancy

They May Contain Bacteria

One of the reasons why one must stay away from processed foods is because they may contain bacteria which can be harmful for the pregnant female’s health as well as that of the fetus which is growing inside her.  These types of foods generally consist of bacteria called listeria monocytogenes which can pose the risk of causing the disease by the name of listeriosis.  For unborn babies, this bacteria can prove fatal and it is mostly found in foods such as turkey, hot dogs, salami, hams, meat spreads and refrigerated pates.

They May Cause Constipation

Another reason why processed foods tend to have a bad impact on a pregnant woman’s health is because they may sometimes even lead to constipation.  It is true that cooking foods from scratch may take time and in such a case, processed foods may seem like a better option but those who avoid such foods can avail several benefits like higher levels of energy, reduced constipation cases, lesser skin issues and avoiding unhealthy gain in weight.

They Lead to Weight Gain

It is a well-known fact that processed foods can cause weight gain but this kind of a weight gain can be harmful for pregnant women as it is unnatural and may create problems.  What happens is that while these foods lead to gain of weight which is important for a pregnant woman, they do not have any nutritional benefits and hence indulging in other health foods could be a better option. Moreover, these foods are high in fat, sodium and other kinds of additives. Moreover they lack minerals, vitamins and fibers.

They can Alter Genetics

Another reason why processed foods may pose to be a threat to a pregnant woman’s health is because they have the ability to alter genetics of a person.  What happens is that processed foods are genetically-modified foods which are made by creating a difference in their DNA in the labs.

This is done to protect them from insects and other environmental hazards.  But these foods can have long term negative impact on the health of a pregnant woman and the fetus growing inside her.  It is better to eat fresh and home cooked foods as they add an extra punch of nutrition and other health benefits.


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