Blood in Urine During Pregnancy – What Could It Mean?

The sight of any kind of blood can make a person squeamish and blood in urine during pregnancy can certainly be a cause of much anxiety. So what are the possible causes for the presence of blood in urine – is it normal, when is it abnormal, and what treatment does it need?

Blood in urine while pregnant could be due to the following reasons –

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

This is the most common reason for the appearance of blood in urine, and such infections are actually more common during pregnancy than otherwise, due to changes in the urinary tract at this time.

Since the uterus places pressure on the bladder, this can result in inadequate bladder drainage, leading to infection.

Blood in urine during pregnancy may not be the only symptom; UTIs typically exhibit other signs such as pain or a burning sensation when passing urine, the urge to go more often, and the feeling of not having voided the bladder completely even after going.

Fever and chills may also accompany the infection. Sex could be painful, and the appearance and smell of the urine may be different – it may appear unclear, and smell strange.

There could also be nausea and vomiting as a result of the infection.

Blood in Urine During Pregnancy

It is important, to get a medical assessment if the above symptoms are noted during pregnancy. If left untreated, a UTI could result in premature labor and/or a low birth weight baby. Untreated UTIs could also spread to the kidneys and this can be even very problematic.

An analysis and culture of the urine is usually required to determine a UTI and the kind of a UTI that the woman has. The doctor will then prescribe antibiotics suitable for taking even by pregnant women, to clear the infection within 3 to 7 days so that such complications may be obviated.

Other disorder that could result in blood in urine during pregnancy

Certain kinds of kidney disorders can also result in blood being passed in the urine. Stones in the kidney, bladder or the urethra may also result in passage of blood along with urine. If it is stones that are causing the bleeding, then there would most likely be other symptoms such as severe or dull, constant pain and in some cases high blood pressure as well.

Other conditions such as Lupus, sickle cell anemia and diabetes may also cause blood to be passed with urine since they affect the kidneys. Any of these could be problematic and the woman should consult a doctor promptly for evaluation, treatment and management of the condition.

Lab tests, physical exams and other methods of evaluation will reveal the cause of blood in urine in pregnancy, so that effective treatment can be initiated promptly.


In rare cases the blood in urine during pregnancy could be caused by cancer or a precancerous condition. One of the symptoms of cancer of the bladder is passage of blood along with urine. The reason however, that this is quite unlikely is that very few women of childbearing years may contract bladder cancer.


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