Aiding Breast Pain During Pregnancy

There is nothing unusual about breast pain during pregnancy. Even more, this is considered to be one of the earliest symptoms of pregnancy. Usually it appears in the first trimester and it involves a feeling of swelling, soreness, tenderness and sensitiveness.

Information about pregnancy breast pain

The symptom usually appears during weeks 4-6. According to the majority of women, the pain gets better or even disappears during the second and third trimester. Still it is possible that the pain reoccurs from time to time. There are numerous different contributing factors when it comes to breast pain.

Breast Pain During PregnancyFibrocystic breast changes

These changes are the most common causes of pregnancy breast pain. Because of these changes the small cysts get swollen. These are filled with fluid and they can be found in the breasts’ fibrous tissue. In order to make the problem better you should make sure that you have a supportive bra.

Hormonal imbalance

The breast pain during pregnancy can also be caused by the changing levels of the different hormones. Their role is to prepare the body for the changes that it is going to experience. In the majority of the cases the pain in the breasts is caused by the changing levels of the estrogen hormone.

Leaky breasts

During the second and third trimester of pregnancy, a lot of women say regarding pregnancy breast pain that they experience leaky breasts. This is caused by the fact that the breasts start producing colostrum which is a thick fluid. This is what nourishes the baby during the first few days.

After this period, the breasts start producing milk and the breast pain during pregnancy subsides. Usually the secretion happens during sexual arousal on during breast massage. This may become the major source of pain during the last stages of pregnancy. To make it better, use nursing pads.

Breast shape and size

When it comes to pregnancy breast pain, we all know that the main purpose of the breasts is to nourish the baby. For this job the body prepares the breasts gradually. During pregnancy, milk producing cells and milk ducts are formed and because of this the breasts get enlarged.

The breast pain during pregnancy could also be caused by the several layers of fat that grows in the breasts. This leads to changes regarding both the shape and size. During the first three months of pregnancy, the breasts can grow almost a cup size. All these lead to pain during pregnancy.

Making things better

As it has been mentioned before regarding pregnancy breast pain, it may be helpful to wear a supportive bra. If you need to, you can also wear two or more bras. If you don’t wear a bra, things could get even worse. A padded bra or a sports bra could offer you even more support.

Regarding breast pain during pregnancy, if you have voluminous or heavy breasts, the best choice is to wear a sports bra. It may be useful to cut back on salt. This could make the pain even worse because it supports water retention that is a problem in case of the breasts as well.

When it comes to pregnancy breast pain, it is also important to be well hydrated. No matter how strange this sounds, water helps the body get rid of the excess fluid. Physical activity is also important in this case. It is enough to be walking for 20-25 minutes per day. You could also do some light household chores.

As you can see breast pain during pregnancy could have different causes, but there is a lot that women could do about it.


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